Why Should You Use Metal for Your Custom Spacers?

Understanding Spacers At Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, we produce a wide variety of spacers. Among all the spacers we produce, our metal spacers are the most popular and widely used. But in order to understand why metal is so popular and ...

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Metal Manufacturing: A Guide to Stamping

A Guide to Metal Stamping Stamping or pressing is an integral part of most manufacturing industries; whether medical, aerospace, automotive, agriculture, and many other industry, stamping, pressing, and punching parts is essential. As you look for your industry-specific stamping provider, ...

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Metal Shims and 4 Industries that Love Them

For the Love of Shims Shims, especially metal shims, are a great example of how something so seemingly small and simple can be an integral piece of a properly functioning machine. In fact, shims are a beloved part of many ...

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How Does a Stamping Press Work?

How Does a Stamping Press Work? A stamping press is a metalworking machine tool that can precisely shape or cut metal to your specifications. The process involves forming, drawing, trimming, blanking, and/or piercing the metal with a die. Typically, the ...

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3 Reasons Why ‘Almost’ Isn’t Good Enough for a Shim Fit

Why Fit Is Important When it comes to metal shims, no one wants to order a couple and then try them out, just to realize they have failed their function: to either fill gaps, to level objects, or to adjust ...

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How to Get Shims Delivered Quickly

Manufacturing Process In the manufacturing industry, it is not easy to predict how all the stages of a project will unfold. Timelines, budgets, design criteria, and materials can all be at the mercy of each other when it comes to ...

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Where Can You Find Custom Washers in Bulk Quantities?

When a Few Just Won’t Do Whether you are in the middle of rolling out a new line of farming equipment or you are working on a new satellite for your aerospace company, you are going to need the right ...

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How Many Types of Companies Actually Use Custom Shims?

Why Buy Custom Shims Custom-made shims provide an ease of convenience that stock shims sometimes cannot give to a customer. They are manufactured with exact dimensions and shapes to suit project requirements and fill gaps and clearances where necessary. This ...

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See Why Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing Is an Industry Leader

Why Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing? What makes Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing unique? What makes us stand out from the crowd and provide products and services that have no rivals? We have been in business for over 100 years. In today’s world, without ...

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Why Use Copper for Shims

Why Use Copper for Shims? Shims can be used for many applications. It can be something as simple as the phonebook used to prop up a leg of an uneven washing machine, or it can be a custom-made shim used ...

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