Custom Brackets

At Phoenix Specialty, we manufacture custom brackets to fit your needs. In fact, because of our AS9100 certification and compound tooling, we have the ability to hold tighter tolerances than most fabricators.

Our brackets are simple – no weldments or assemblies. We stamp custom brackets out of a wide variety of metals, including many exotic alloys, steel, aluminum, brass, copper and more. 

Need a low volume? That’s not a problem for Phoenix Specialty. We have an in-house tool and die shop, which means we can produce your tooling in a matter of hours with no tooling charges or hidden fees. Our low-cost, standardized, interchangeable tooling allows us to quickly configure a tool to meet your exact requirements. 

In addition, our extensive raw materials inventory allows us to have one of the shortest lead times in the bracket industry.

Phoenix Specialty is the go-to supplier for high alloy brackets. With our long history and experience in the Aviation industry, we have the knowledge and equipment needed to manufacture brackets stamped from exotic alloys. 

Our commitment to quality over the years drove Phoenix Specialty to become one of the first AS certified companies in the United States. Today, every product we make meets the AS9100 and ISO 9001 standards.