Our products meet the highest Aerospace standards

Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing is one of the largest contract manufacturers of Aviation parts for the aerospace industry. Our parts are used from nose to tail, and they are manufactured to your specification.

Our products – custom made seals, shims, spacers, brackets, gaskets, and washers – are made to exacting standards out of an array of high-tech materials. Those materials include high-temperature nickel alloys, cobalt alloys and exotic stainless steel. Unlike most competitors, we keep materials on hand, meaning we can respond to your needs faster. It also enables us to handle low-volume orders at a reasonable cost.

Our parts can be found:

  • On the moon, as part of the Apollo Moon landing vehicles.
  • On Mars, in the Mars Rover.
  • In Earth’s atmosphere around the globe.

If you travel on a commercial airliner, you are more than likely depending on parts made by Phoenix. Our specialty parts are in the turbines, the landing gear, the airframe, valves, pumps, actuators and motion controls.

With South Carolina’s burgeoning aerospace manufacturing cluster, our company has been a critical component in its expansion.

ALL of our products meet the highest standard

As one of the first companies in the industry to become AS9100 certified, Phoenix Specialty has been providing parts to thousands of OEM’s since 1907, including most aerospace companies.

YOUR parts made to YOUR specifications, fast.

Phoenix Specialty uses state-of-the-art processes to produce custom components to your specifications. Customization does not mean a long wait with Phoenix. With our extensive in-house tooling, our expert manufacturing, and our huge inventory of aircraft-quality raw materials, we are the supplier of choice in providing total value.

From print, to part, to You- Fast!

Under our Phoenix Managed Inventory System, we carry finished parts ready to ship when our customers need them in order to prevent unplanned production downtime.