Top 7 Fastest Milling Machines

What Are Milling Machines? Do you ever wonder how complex toys, cooking ware, keyboards, and other everyday items are made? They start off as designs on a program and are converted into physical pieces by milling machines. Milling machines are ...

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Guess How Many Industries Use Custom Washers?

Industries that Use Custom Washers Washers, the small round metal disks that look like a ring pressed flat, mean different things to different people. For example, homeowners think of washers as the parts that can fix faucet leaks (even though ...

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2 Ways to Streamline Your Custom Parts Inventory

  Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing has been serving the needs of the medical, aerospace, agricultural, energy, electronics, and machinery industries, among others, for over 100 years. We provide the high-quality shims, washers, and precision stamps that you need to run a ...

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Striking a Balance of Craftsmanship and Fast Results

Metal stamping machines not only need to be precise, but also fast in order to maximize efficiency. When it comes to the fastest machines available, it can differ depending on the industry. Depending on your specific needs, you will need ...

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3 Reasons Why We Are the Best Choice for Unique Designs

Choose Us for Custom Designs Having the right tools, parts, and know-how are essential for specialized part manufacturing. At Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, we have been making dependable parts for customers for more than a century. When you need a specialty part ...

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Why Buying Washers Is a Cost-Effective Option

Why Washers are Cost Effective The classic manufacturing question, “Should we make or buy?” has no clear answer at first, but when you dig deeper, you can come to realize that there are many costs associated with custom specialty part ...

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Wood or Metal Shims: Comparing Based on Applications and Properties

Comparing Wood and Metal Shims Wood Shims While it is common knowledge in the manufacturing industry that shims can be as valuable as they are practical, some people may not be aware of the fact that shims come in more ...

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Speedy and Efficient: The Fastest Stamping Machine

Why Metal Stamping? While there are many types of stamping methods, metal stamping in particular consists of working on flat metal sheets to produce an enormous amount of shapes. They can be as basic as a coin or as complicated ...

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What Are All the Measurements and Metrics of a Shim?

Measurements and Metrics of Shims Phoenix Specialty is equipped to meet your specifications for custom-designed shims on time and on budget. We use a century’s worth of production expertise to precisely fabricate parts for the aerospace industry, the military, and many manufacturing ...

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Three Reasons Phoenix Is the Best with Unique Designs

Choose Us for Custom Designs The right parts supplier can make your job easier. Imagine working with a manufacturer who understands the complex and unique demands of your industry while making it simple and straightforward to get the products you ...

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