See Why Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing Is an Industry Leader


Why Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing?

What makes Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing unique? What makes us stand out from the crowd and provide products and services that have no rivals? We have been in business for over 100 years. In today’s world, without a strong work ethic, quality products, and a commitment to customer service, no company can survive for more than a couple of years—to last for more than a century requires the absolute best.

We strive to be the best at what we do. We believe we provide the best products. Whether you need a washer or a shim, we manufacture only the highest-quality products. We believe in providing unparalleled customer service. By providing immediate feedback, accurate quotes, and helpful advice, we make certain every customer is satisfied with our products and assistance. We believe in an attention to detail. By using today’s latest machines, we are able to craft the finest custom parts you will find. Want to know what makes us truly unique? Here is what you can expect when you trust Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing.

Common Tools to Unique Products

When it comes to manufacturing companies, products are at the heart of any operation. And at Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, we specialize in offering unique products you won’t find anywhere else. Our state-of-the-art machine shop allows us to quickly build compound dies that will be used to produce washers, shims, and stampings as requested. If you need a custom product or a non-standard part, we have the tools to create what you need to exacting standards. With the recent acquisition of our Okuma Multus B300 II Turn-Mill, Betenbender shearing machine and Bridgeport/Hardinge GX 1000 CNC milling machines, we have the best tools to create the best products, whether they come off our shelves or from personal specifications.

Serving Every Industry

Part of what has kept us in business for over 100 years is our commitment to helping anyone and everyone. At Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, we produce products for the aerospace, agriculture, automotive, distribution, electrical, energy, and medical fields (to name just a few). Our custom shims, washers, seals, spacers, and other custom products are necessary components of nearly every major industry. Chances are, when another company makes a major technological breakthrough or produces a large quantity of machines, our parts and products are behind their efforts, enabling them to do what they do best.

Speed and Efficiency

If you work for the aerospace industry and need parts for a new project, you can’t afford to wait several months for your washers, shims, or other valuable components to arrive. If you are an electrical engineer and need parts for a building project you are working on, you can’t expect the building owners to wait weeks and weeks for you to finish the job. At Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, we know how important speed and efficiency are.

We know that the complexity of a project will determine how long it takes to deliver parts. While more complicated projects do involve more work, our team of machinists and machinery ensure every job is done as quickly as possible, all without cutting corners in quality or service. From well-trained machinists to automatic lubrication machines, our facility is set up with efficiency and quality in mind. For most parts, it’s possible to have your order in as little as two weeks. Parts that require additional services might take a bit longer, we guarantee you will have them in a timely manner.

Equipment for Every Application

At Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, we use the best equipment to create the best products. We have seen a lot of advancements come and go over the past 100 years. And through the years, we have developed a keen eye for detail and an understanding of which machines are the most useful. Because of that, our current machine shop is full of state-of-the-art tools capable of manufacturing any part you need regardless of size or specification. Here are just a few of the great pieces of equipment we use every day:

  • 1-Brown and Sharpe 1020 Universal Grinder
  • 1-Okomoto Surface Grinder (12×24)
  • 1-Bead Blaster
  • 1-CNC Lathe with 8 inch Swing-Hardinge Conquest SP
  • 2-High temperature furnaces
  • 2-Bridgeport Manual Milling machines
  • And more

Quality and Service You Can Trust

In today’s world, it can be difficult to find a trustworthy auto shop to repair your car. When it comes to custom parts manufacturing companies, you can’t afford to receive second-rate service or help. At Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, we are certified to ISO 9001 and AS9100.

So what does our certification mean for you? It means every product we ship is of the highest quality possible.

Our Team

While a company can only survive if it produces great products and services, employees are what really make a company stand out. At Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, it’s not just our products that set us apart; it’s our team of friendly, helpful, knowledgeable experts that have helped us to become an industry leader.

If you have questions about sheet-metal stamping, one of our experts will be able to help you assess your needs and come up with a solution. If you need to make a large order for your company’s construction project, our sales team will make sure you get everything you need as soon as possible. Since we are typically able to ship custom orders in about two weeks, you won’t miss a beat when working on a major project.

When You Expect the Very Best

When you expect the very best, you can count on us. At Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, we have spent the last 100-plus years helping customers from across the world, and we plan to spend the next 100 doing the same.

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