3 Reasons Why ‘Almost’ Isn’t Good Enough for a Shim Fit


Why Fit Is Important

When it comes to metal shims, no one wants to order a couple and then try them out, just to realize they have failed their function: to either fill gaps, to level objects, or to adjust clearances. Expecting a perfect fit each time may seem like an unreasonable expectation for shims, but if they “almost” fit, they may as well not be there at all. Below are the top 3 reasons why your shim fit ought to be exactly what you ordered—the first time around.

Safety First

Although shims are sometimes just tiny rings that can be bought in sets, their significance is larger than their size. Due to all the applications of metal shims, it can be confusing to understand what role they play in the grand scheme of projects. However, at second glance, it is more than obvious why shims with precise fits are just as valuable as other pieces of a project.

For example, if a construction worker orders shims to fill the gap between certain parts that will be part of a business building downtown and the shims are not designed properly, you could witness structural failures and serious lawsuits. Additionally, if you are dealing with shims in the automotive or aerospace industries, then the repercussions are equally as dangerous. From alignment shims used in car wheels to shims used in the transmission or engine of a jet aircraft, the applications carry across an extensive range. Therefore, sacrificing safety is never a choice.

Make the Cost Worth It

The price of shims may depend on the manufacturer and application, but custom ones will typically cost more. Phoenix Specialty makes it a priority to make your money go the distance without regrets. At our manufacturing facility, it is convenient to see how our team of experts can produce the shims you need without any hesitation or mistakes. Even delivery is hassle-free; if your shims are in stock, it could be shipped to you the same day! Shims that don’t meet your specifications can cause a disaster in any planning process and possibly leave you with time crunches that are not ideal for those already hired to complete specific tasks that involve your shim product.

Other Parts Rely on Shims

If other parts of an assembly are relying on shims to serve their purpose and the shims are not to your specifications, then not only is one stuck trying to reorder shims (and probably not from the same company), but the project manager is also dealing with other problems. These parts that may not work at a satisfactory level as a result of a poor quality shim, are no longer useful either. Now, a company will be subject to risks of crushing.

Another way this misfortune could occur is if the shims were introduced into a building plan (whether it is a medical device or landing gear of an airplane) and then could not uphold its expectations. Parts that were once separated by the sandwiched shim would now be skidding against each other and experiencing more wear than anticipated. Thus, it is crucial to choose the exact fit the first time you encounter a problem that requires the assistance of these handy pieces.

More Than Just Shims

Shims may not be the highlight of any conversation between engineers or construction workers, but they are an essential portion of any design project which requires clearance adjustment or space to be filled. These objects can be shaped and dimensioned in whichever way is needed to service customers and their needs. At Phoenix Specialty, we offer shims with outside diameters measuring anywhere from .040” all the way up to 6.” Our shims can even be ultra-thin, with measurements down to .0005”. There are also over 300 different raw materials to choose from, so whether you need nylon, stainless steel, plastic, or copper, you know you’ll get the perfectly designed shim you need. The selection in the market even allows shims to be designed with slots, holes, or other unique markers that will increase the precision of the fit.

Without shims, you would have to ensure that every other component of a complex or simple assembly, machine, or object, worked exactly as imagined. This is a difficult burden for anyone and would not be a sensible goal to aim for, which is why shims are ideal. Shims help mitigate the imperfections of other parts, so if they are “almost” fitting, then a manager, medical salesperson, or manufacturer is “almost” out of the woods.

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