Prototyping Special

Trust Phoenix to make your prototype parts

Are you planning to start production of something new, and need just a few parts for the prototype?

We’re here to help with that.

Forget a minimum order quantity for parts. With our “prototyping special,” you can order 25 pieces for a flat fee of $250. Orders must meet certain requirements to receive this offer:

  • Parts must be manufactured from material we already have in stock.
  • Deal only includes production of the parts – outside services are available for additional fees.
  • No special expediting – normal Phoenix lead time will apply.
  • Parts must fit within Phoenix’s standard work envelope.
  • Standard shipping applies.
  • Phoenix is a B2B manufacturer and does not sell to individuals

Beyond that, you get the same Phoenix benefits you’re used to trusting:

  • Using your print or sample, we’ll produce exactly what you need to your precise specifications.
  • Standard Phoenix tolerances will apply:
    • + or – .005” on all dimensions
    • + or – 3 degrees on all angles
  • Phoenix full-dimensional report is included in your price.
  • No additional tooling charges or hidden fees.

Finally, assuming you decide to go to full production with the new product…

Order within 90 days and the $250 prototype charge will be credited to your production order.