Examining Functionality Differences between Shims and Washers

Differences Between Shims and Washers Any mechanical machine requires precise moving parts in order to produce exceptional results. This relates to medical equipment, aerospace technology, and automotive innovations. Because of the important role of these machines, every part must fit well and ...

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Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Specialty Manufacturer

Benefits of Using a Specialty Manufacturer Specialty manufacturers can do much more than just produce reliable washers and shims. They can work closely with their clients to produce exactly what they need to be successful. There are a variety of ...

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What Industries Use Shims Made from Steel?

Who Uses Steel Shims? A shim’s main job is to fill in gaps but they can also be used to stop wear from happening to two metal parts that are rubbing together. Steel shims come in a variety of metals, ...

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3 Reasons to Use Copper Shims

Reasons to Use Copper Shims A shim is a piece of material that is thin and are usually tapered or wedged. Shims are normally used to fill small spaces or other gaps between two objects, often supporting or leveling other ...

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Meet the 5 Most Popular Metal Washers

5 Popular Metal Washers Metal washers are a staple among manufacturers. With the ability to perform quite a few different roles and functions, this seemingly simple piece of metal could be the spokesperson for functionality trumping looks. While not all ...

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Advantages Using a Manufacturer over a 3D Printer

Manufacturing vs. 3D Printing As you go throughout your day, you use many different devices that most people do not think twice about, especially about how they are made. However, if you are an engineer, you are interested in how ...

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The Evolution of the Manufacturing of Precision Parts

Evolution of the Manufacturing Process Long ago, a gun was built one at a time with parts that were made by hand and roughly fit together as best as could be. If one of the gun parts broke or was ...

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Top 3 Uses for Round Metal Shims

Common Uses for Metal Shims There are very good reasons to use round metal shims. We’ve found that the following are three of their most common uses. Wheel Alignment When you are driving down a straight, flat road and your ...

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Information and Tips on Ordering Shims

Helpful Tips on Ordering Shims When you are assembling a machine and need parts, you want to get the best parts you can for the money that will be expended. There may be ball bearings, bearings, hydraulics, gears, housings, intakes, ...

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Properties and Uses of the Belleville Washer

Properties and Uses of Belleville Washers Julian F. Belleville was an inventor in the 1800s who combined a spring and a flat metal washer into one part. The shape is frusto-conical, which means it looks like a cone that has ...

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