Meet our Team

You would be hard pressed to find another group with the experience and purposeful leadership that defines our people. Keeping up with the demands of America’s most critical industries is no easy feat, but our remarkable employees prove time and time again that they have what it takes to get the job done. Meet the team responsible for our success.


Russell Hurst

Chief Executive Officer

Elizabeth Bunch


Steve Cornforth

Sales Manager

Doug Ridgeway

Operations Manager

Liz Bosley Staff Photo

Elizabeth Bosley

Human Resources Manager

Glenda Cramer

Pre-Production Manager

John Bozard

IT Manager


Allison Penick Staff Photo

Allison Penick

Assistant Sales Manager

Heather Bishop Staff Photo

Heather Bishop

Sales Leadperson

Cathy Mathis Staff Photo

Cathy Mathis

Sales Representative

Megan Fisk Staff Photo

Megan Fisk

Sales Representative

Jennifer Davis

Sales Representative

Lisa Phillips Staff Photo

Lisa Phillips

Sales Representative

Ashley Collins Staff Photo

Ashley Collins

Customer Service Representative

Megan Bazzle Staff Photo

Megan Bazzle

Customer Service Representative

Hannah Givens Staff Photo

Hannah Givens

Customer Service Representative

Diane Bozard Staff Photo

Diane Bozard

Customer Service Representative

Judy Stanley Staff Photo

Judy Stanley

Customer Service Representative


Terrence Williams Staff Photo

Terrence Williams

Press Room Manager

Bull Dyches Staff Photo

Bull Dyches

Press Room Leadperson

Brandon Brabham Staff Photo

Brandon Brabham

Press Room Leadperson

Scott Priester Staff Photo

Scott Priester

Production Machining & Second Operations Manager

Rhett Lyons Staff Photo

Rhett Lyons

Second Operations Leadperson

Josh Lacey Staff Photo

Josh Lacey

Production Machining Leadperson

Sheree Brown Staff Photo

Sheree Brown

Quality Assurance Leadperson

Benji Blakeney Staff Photo

Benji Blakeney

Machine Shop Manager

Buck Fralick Staff Photo

Buck Fralick

Lead Process/Tooling Engineer

Billy Self Staff Photo

Billy Self

Sales Engineer

Lisa Singletary Staff Photo

Lisa Singletary

Lead Buyer

Hailey Carson staff photo

Hailey Carson

Shipping/Finished Goods Manager

Glenn Ehrhardt Staff Photo

Glenn Ehrhardt

Maintenance Manager

Ashlyn Morris Staff Photo

Ashlyn Hutto

Production Scheduler/Expeditor

Human Resources

Brittany Stroman Staff Photo

Brittany Stroman

Safety & Training Coordinator

Crystal Baxley Staff Photo

Crystal Baxley

Human Resources Administrator


Eartha Ransom Staff Photo

Eartha Ransom

Accounting Assistant/Customer Relations Specialist

Mary Jolly Staff Photo

Mary Jolly

Accounting Assistant/G-L Clerk

Mary Wallen Staff Photo

Mary Wallen

Cost Analysis/Accounting Specialist


Abby Lee Staff Photo

Abby Lee

Marketing Specialist

Natalie Creech Staff Photo

Natalie Creech

Marketing Coordinator