Metal Shims and 4 Industries that Love Them


For the Love of Shims

Shims, especially metal shims, are a great example of how something so seemingly small and simple can be an integral piece of a properly functioning machine. In fact, shims are a beloved part of many industries. Shims are made of many different types of material including stone, plastic, metal, paper, and wood. The industries that utilize this small yet integral piece are varied, and for this article, we will focus on just 5: aerospace, agriculture, automotive, and medical.


The metal shims we have the privilege to manufacture have been part of the Apollo moon landing and the Space Shuttle missions. In addition to the far-out NASA missions, our shims are also used in GE jet engines which are found inside some Boeing aircraft.

Because we work with both the ground and airborne facets of the aerospace industry, we produce shims that are functional in both ground and airborne environments and our shims are able to withstand the high-corrosive, high-temperature, and high-wear situations they encounter on a daily basis.

Some of the specific ways our shims may be used in the aerospace industry include the following:

  • Turbine engines
  • Auxiliary power units
  • Pilot control assemblies
  • Landing gear
  • Cockpit pedestal assemblies
  • Hydraulic and fluid systems
  • Landing gear wear components
  • Control systems

Because of the integral role shims play in the manufacturing process, we are involved in the manufacturing process from the nose to the tail of the aerospace industry.


The oldest profession is that of agriculture. As it has evolved and improved over the centuries, so has the technology associated with it. From the growing and production side to the processing, distribution, sales, and marketing side, there are many machines to manufacture and utilize.

Unlike most other industries, the agriculture industry has peak times of machine usage during the year and it is imperative that high-quality production parts are used to manufacture agricultural machines to avoid breakdown and spoilage.

Some examples of manufacturing where metal shims are used include the following:

  • Hydraulic and fluid systems
  • Power units
  • Preparation, planting, and harvesting equipment
  • Processing equipment
  • Conveyor belts, rollers, and elevators
  • Chemical containment
  • Roof, wall, and floor protection
  • Shafts, bushings, and bearings

High-quality shims not only affect the machines used in agriculture, but they aid in the efficient process of food production, which benefits us all.


Deemed one of the most economic sectors by revenue, the automotive industry relies on metal shims for the designing, developing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of towed vehicles, motor vehicles, mopeds, and motorcycles.

Just like the aerospace industry, we are involved in many things from bumper to bumper including the following:

  • Brake pad shims
  • Axel shims
  • Mounting shims
  • Lift adjusting shims
  • Adjusting shims

Because the automotive industry is involved with many makes and models of automobiles, any particular shim can be designed and special ordered to adhere to specific size, shape, and material requirements. This special design and ordering process is available not only to the automotive industry alone, but to all custom order requests from any industry.


The last industry to be explored where shims are loved and utilized often is the medical industry. The manufacturing of metal shims needs to be as innovative and up to date as the components and machines used in the medical industry.

The beauty of Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing is the fact that we are an internationally recognized, full-service original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specializing in medical part manufacturing. This means that we work with the engineers and developers in the medical industry to produce high-quality OEM parts for use within medical devices and medical machines. As you can image, the importance of smooth operations for medical machines within this industry is imperative and the shims must be able to withstand adverse conditions as well as abnormal wear.

Your Industry

Whether you are involved in the aerospace, medical, agricultural, or any other type of industry, it is important to have access to both a large selection of ready-made shims and custom-made shims. Because a shim plays the role of filling in a space and reducing wear to the machine as a whole, you can’t go wrong with a high-quality, industry-specific shim.

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