Where Can You Find Custom Washers in Bulk Quantities?


When a Few Just Won’t Do

Whether you are in the middle of rolling out a new line of farming equipment or you are working on a new satellite for your aerospace company, you are going to need the right supplies. The problem is that even if you turn to your local hardware store and ask for help, they probably won’t be able to provide you with more than a couple dozen individual parts or products. Washers are among the most important part of any project, whether you are building race cars or rockets. If you are looking for a bulk order of custom washers, Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing can help. Here are a few reasons why buying custom washers in large quantities will save you time and money.


Providing Everything You Will Need

Most major hardware store chains sell products directly to contractors and other businesses. Because of that, they stock a fair quantity of many parts. The problem with choosing a general hardware store is that they need to cater to everyone from the weekend DIY enthusiast to the landscaping contractor. Though they will have a wide selection of products, they simply can’t keep thousands of an individual parts in stock at all times. While they might be able to order what you need, it could take months for a large order to be ready. When you work in a fast-paced industry, waiting several months for your supplies is unacceptable.

At Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, we can have your custom order ready in as little as a few weeks. We pride ourselves on speed and efficiency and will do everything possible to have your order ready faster than expected. Our team of experts uses the latest machines and tools to manufacture the parts you need.


Why Trust Our Washers?

At Phoenix Specialty, we use the latest tools and machines to manufacture the highest-quality washers available. Unlike other manufacturers who have a limited number of building materials, we have over 300 materials in stock and ready for your order. Whether you need stainless steel or copper washers, our products will meet your needs, no matter what industry you work in.


When you need custom washers, we can provide you with a wide range of sizes and shapes. We can manufacture washers between .05″ to 6″ and anything in between. Depending on the material you need, we can create washers ranging from .0005″ to .26″, giving you flexibility and freedom.



The Benefits of Bulk

By working directly with us, you can place an order for a specific size of washer, and we can quickly and efficiently manufacture them for you. Our high-tech and modern machines allow us to quickly process high-volume orders. When you need hundreds or even thousands of the same part, we can streamline our process, and the result of that increased efficiency is significant monetary savings.

Further, if you need an order of unique washers made out of an uncommon material like nylon or you need an unusually shaped washer like the domed or external keyway washer, many hardware stores and manufacturers simply aren’t equipped to produce such unique pieces.

Engineering and Manufacturing Equipment

What allows us to provide the very best washers in large quantities? While our team of experts is second to none, our state-of-the-art machinery and equipment gives us a competitive edge. Over the past 100 years we have used many innovative and revolutionary machines. We select only the best products of the day in order to meet the demands of our customers. Whether it’s a CNC Lathe or an Inventor Drafting Station, the very best tools are responsible for creating the very best products.

With every new technological advancement, new tools and machines are created as a result. And by keeping up with the industry’s latest advancements, we are able to provide stronger, lighter, and more durable products in less time than ever. We have been in business for over 100 years. Over the past century, we have seen countless new products reach the marketplace. Over time, we have developed an eye for remarkable innovations. Today, we use only the tools and products we know are cutting edge and will provide our customers with unrivaled washers and other products.



Put Us to the Test

If you need a large quantity of custom washers, you can count on us to deliver the very best products in the shortest amount of time possible. If you simply need a few shims for a project, we can help with that as well. Whatever you need, we are here to provide you with excellent service, prices, and products.

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