We manufacture parts for the Energy industry in all shapes and sizes!

When your projects for the energy industry need custom parts, such as washers, stampings, and shims, it can seem a bit overwhelming. After all, there are so many little things you have to think about when ordering these pieces. Whether you need a piece that is an unusual size, one with a higher or lower tolerance, or perhaps you need products made from a particular material, Phoenix Specialty can provide you with exactly the right piece.

The energy industry is complex, and your needs change on nearly a daily basis. Because of this, Phoenix offers our custom products in nearly any quantity. Whether you are working on a small job or a huge project, we will do what it takes to meet your needs. Additionally, the vast majority of our custom orders are shipped within two weeks so that you can get your project off the ground.

Learn more about the different options that Phoenix has when it comes to shims, stampings and washers and place your order today. You can order online, or if you have questions or concerns, feel free to give us a call and speak with one of our knowledgeable customer service agents. No matter what your order, we will get you exactly what you need—quickly and at a great price too.