Why Use Copper for Shims


Why Use Copper for Shims?

Shims can be used for many applications. It can be something as simple as the phonebook used to prop up a leg of an uneven washing machine, or it can be a custom-made shim used on the exhaust system of a sports car. At Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, we manufacture custom-made shims. Our shims can be made with outside diameters anywhere from .040” all the way to 6”. We have over 300 raw materials in stock, so we can easily make you the perfect shim. When you are needing shims for a project, consider using copper as your material.

The Characteristics of Copper

Copper is a ductile metal with an extremely high thermal and electrical conductivity. It is characterized by the symbol Cu and is easily recognized by its reddish-orange color. This metal has been used for thousands of years and there was even a period of history classified as the “Copper Age.” An interesting fact—in 1991, the remains of a man called Ötzi the Iceman were discovered in the Ötztal Alps. He was found holding a copper axe and his remains date all the way back to 3300 BCE.

Due to the fact that it has such excellent electrical conductivity, copper is the preferred material for electrical wiring. Copper wire is used for power distribution, power transmission, telecommunications, and also in many kinds of electrical equipment. Copper is also commonly used in energy-efficient electric vehicle motors and in many architectural projects. Read some more reasons to use copper shims.

Our Story

Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing has been providing custom parts for America’s equipment manufacturers since 1907. With over 100 years of experience, we know how to provide exceptional customer service. We have worked with big names like NASA and NASCAR, and have stretched our hand into all major industries such as the electrical industry, agricultural, architectural, and much more. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your custom-made copper shims.

Fastest Delivery Times

When you are working on an important project, it is crucial that you have the parts you need right away. We have more than 100,000 different items in stock and more than 400-million parts that are ready for same-day shipping. We’ll get you your copper shims in a hurry.

If you need something custom-made, we can generally have your order shipped to you in 2 weeks or less—the fastest available delivery times in the industry.

New Technology

With technology always changing, we seek to change as well. That’s why we utilize only the latest manufacturing methods combined with top-of-the-line equipment. Our qualified technicians carefully monitor the production of your copper shims to be sure they are made to precision. We’ll get you the perfect fitting copper shims every time.

Why wait? Give us a call today at 800-845-2813 to place your order.

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