How Many Types of Companies Actually Use Custom Shims?


Why Buy Custom Shims

Custom-made shims provide an ease of convenience that stock shims sometimes cannot give to a customer. They are manufactured with exact dimensions and shapes to suit project requirements and fill gaps and clearances where necessary. This type of service makes it so that companies can save money on buying new pieces of equipment for their projects. Instead, they can insert shims wherever possible to solve a design problem and save some time.

While each case is different, most custom shim orders are placed for businesses that understand how leveling an object or correcting a spacing issue can sometimes be rectified with specifically designed products such as shims. Traditionally, most people think of manufacturing companies when imagining what types of industries use custom shims, but the truth is that a plethora of companies–of varying business sectors–purchase these helpful parts.

Manufacturing Companies

Because the manufacturing industry often makes components and assembles products for other companies, shims play a vital role. Clients are looking to have their drawings brought to life, but they may not necessarily be looking for an expert’s opinion. Therefore, it may be that once the product is made, changes have to be made post-production, including the addition of shims and other parts.

At Phoenix Specialty, we are prepared to offer our expertise to ensure that the fit of custom shims is meticulously and smartly engineered. Companies which dedicate themselves solely to fulfilling orders for components often encounter situations where the shim needs to be larger than the average diameter or shaped distinctly. These types of shims cannot be found in stores or in stock for the typical manufacturer, which is why the ability to customize these shims is immensely crucial.

Other industries which may fall under this category include the following: automotive, mining, and construction.

Aerospace Companies

For the aerospace industry, shims can make or break a design. If there are satellites or rockets that require custom shims, they need to be made precisely. Especially in an environment where the assignments are fast paced and timing is critical, it is important to be able to identify exactly what is needed and allow for plenty of time for testing. More importantly, clients should have the option of choosing from a diverse selection of materials to meet temperature limitations of their sensitive assemblies.

Custom shims can be built from plastic, steel, nylon, brass, iron, PTFE, and many other materials. At Phoenix Specialty, tolerances are always met and creations are uniquely made to match client needs. This gives private and government aerospace organizations the chance to use custom shims in their aircraft, turbines, and hydraulic systems.

Medical Companies

As a leading industry in the technology arena, the medical world is constantly trying to develop the most cutting-edge and advanced equipment out there. Custom shims can be offered as solutions to devices where there is more at risk than just missing a team deadline. With these parts integrated into the production of medical equipment, it can be plausible to deliver added safety and quality to patients and the tools being used both in and out of the operating room.

Fortunately, we are proud to be staffed with a large task force of people at Phoenix Specialty who understand that innovation and reliability go hand in hand. To be able to adjust alignment and spacing that did not come out exactly as desired, custom shims can be fabricated through CNC processes, EDM machining, water jet cutting, and other methods. These expanded roles of machine shops allow for clients to be able to determine whether or not a custom shim can be the fix to a compatibility dilemma presented by small or large components within a machine or device used in hospitals.

Wide Range of Applications

Petrochemical, steel manufacturing, packaging, food processing, architectural, and other industries also look to custom shims to take care of gaps and leveling discrepancies within their projects. While it cannot be said exactly how many industries rely on custom-made shims, it is obvious that an extensive amount of them take advantage of the capabilities offered by companies such as ours.

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