Custom Gaskets

When you need a specialty gasket, think Phoenix Specialty. Whether it be to cope with the temperatures and pressures found in a racecar’s engine or the extreme demands of one of NASA’s solid rocket boosters, Phoenix has the capability to manufacture gaskets used for a wide range of pressures and situations.

All of our custom gaskets are manufactured:

  • Exactly to your specifications.
  • To the highest quality standards.
  • With no tooling charge or hidden fees.

We specialize in tight tolerances and low to medium volume runs. We can manufacture your custom gaskets within the following specifications:

  • Maximum part envelope: 6.000″ x 6.000″
  • Thickness Range: .0005″ x .260″
  • Materials: All

Gaskets can be made from a variety of materials, and we have an extensive inventory of certified raw materials already waiting for you in our warehouse.

Our quick delivery on specialty gaskets is one of the fastest in the industry!

Types of Gaskets

*Our manufacturing capabilities are not limited to this list. This is just a sampling of what we can do for our customers.

About Gaskets

Gaskets are used to create a seal between two objects in a mechanical assembly. The seal is designed to prevent leakage in a system (for example oil, water, gas, fuel, or any other product) that is usually under pressure. Gaskets can be manufactured in a variety of different materials and sizes, and must be able to cope with a wide range of pressures and situations. For a gasket to function properly there must be enough force to seat the gasket. This means significant pressure between the two objects the gasket is joining must always be present. This can be achieved through screws, fasteners, or as a direct result from pressure within the system. Once proper force is applied, the gasket will create a barrier that cannot be broken or penetrated except after frequent use, corrosion, or damage.