Where Can You Buy Rectangular and Square Washers?

An Overview of the Different Types of Washers We are a company that can produce any type of washer you need. We have the standard flat washers, specialty flat washers, lock/tab washers, beveled washers, spring washers, and many other types ...

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Bent Tab Washers: Supplying Your Industry-Specific Needs

When it comes to your metal stamping needs and specifically your bent tab washer needs, Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing provides the wide range of products you are looking for, no matter your industry. Washers in general are used to prevent corrosion ...

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Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing Awarded by GE for Excellence in On Time Delivery

GE Aviation Excellence in Quality Awarded to Phoenix Specialty Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing was recently awarded by GE for Excellence in On Time Delivery. Engineers, mechanical engineers, and manufacturers in all different industries count on Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing to supply them ...

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Five Reasons to Choose Brass Shims

Why You Should Choose Brass Shims When you are considering what type of shim you may require for your project, there are generally three factors to consider: the shape, thickness, and type of material you will need for your shim. ...

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Why Stainless Steel Shims are Your Best Bet

Shims are available in a wide selection of materials, from brass and copper, to PTFE and even paper. They are a thin strip of material often used for aligning parts to make them fit. Shims are also great for reducing ...

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Different Artwork Applications for Metal Washers

Artwork Applications for Metal Washers Metal washers are not only used in machinery; they can also be recycled and used in artwork. They can be made of wood, plastic, metal or stone. Their sizes range from small to large and ...

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Quality vs. Quantity in Parts Manufacturing

Quality vs. Quantity in Parts Manufacturing As is the case with anything you purchase, your experience with standard and custom washers, shims, and parts will vary based on the quality of the products you choose. When choosing a low-quality part, ...

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The Fastest Way to Get Custom Stamping

The Fastest Way to Get Custom Stamping With over one hundred years of being in the business of supplying custom specialty parts to original equipment manufacturers, we know exactly the type of high-quality and precision custom parts our customers are ...

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The 5 Most Common Metal Stampings

Common Metal Stampings Also known as pressing, metal stamping is a multistage processing endeavor that the professionals at Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing undertake on a daily basis for many different industries. A stamping press is used to manufacture metal stampings and ...

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Top 5 Reasons to Order Custom Washers from Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing

The Importance of Washers Washers are an integral part of a larger piece of machinery for a variety of industries. They can act as a spacer, weight distributor, buffer, locking device, and even help prevent corrosion between steel screws and ...

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