Quality vs. Quantity in Parts Manufacturing


Quality vs. Quantity in Parts Manufacturing

As is the case with anything you purchase, your experience with standard and custom washers, shims, and parts will vary based on the quality of the products you choose. When choosing a low-quality part, it may save you some money in the short run, and may even work the way you need it to at first, but this won’t last long.

There are a number of reasons to choose high-quality parts over attempting the work yourself or choosing an unqualified manufacturer to complete the work. For instance, Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing has a set process sequence in place to ensure that each part is created to meet your needs time and time again. With more than 100 years in business, you can rest assured that we will reliably get the job done right every time. We have also highlighted some other important reasons to choose high-quality parts below.

Large Quantity Orders

When you require a large quantity of parts, many businesses decide to let the quality slip a bit, which may mean working with a nonspecialized manufacturer or attempting to manufacture the parts yourself. However, this will produce an inferior finished product because the end product is only as good as the parts and labor that go into it. Oftentimes, if you are purchasing parts in bulk or over a repeated period of time from one manufacturer, you can receive a discount on the large quantity order.

Ability to Replicate

Another issue with attempting to create parts yourself is the inability to replicate those parts when you need them again. We have all the tooling required to scale large production and maintain quality. By working with a specialized manufacturer, you can rest assured that when you need more parts, they can be easily reproduced and shipped to you in no time. In fact, with an expert manufacturer, you can simply send in a print and we can replicate what you need.

Cost Savings

Determining how you will save more money and what will please your end client is the goal. By comparing what you will save on cheaper parts with what the drop in quality will cost your finished product can help you begin determining which option is best for you.

For instance, you may save some money in the short run with more affordable parts, but if the end product is not built as well due to inferior parts, your clients will not be satisfied. It may also cost you more to correct the problem or repair products, than it would have to just choose affordable high-quality parts to begin with. Fortunately, expert manufacturers like Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing can produce exactly what you need and still save you money with affordable parts, created according to exacting standards.

Lead Times

Short lead times are important because they can reduce cost and improve quality, while saving you time and providing the parts you need much faster. By creating the parts your business needs in a timely fashion, we can help you to more quickly, reliably provide what your clients need.

Request a Quote

Working with skilled experts will also allow you to benefit from their knowledge and expertise. If you have questions about ordering the right parts, a skilled professional can answer your questions, help you choose the right size, material, and options, and provide information about any parts you need, in order to ensure your success. Request a quote to determine how much you can save by working with an expert manufacturer. It will also allow you to discuss your needs and specifications with a professional to ensure that we can meet and exceed your expectations.

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