Top 5 Reasons to Order Custom Washers from Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing


The Importance of Washers

Washers are an integral part of a larger piece of machinery for a variety of industries. They can act as a spacer, weight distributor, buffer, locking device, and even help prevent corrosion between steel screws and aluminum surfaces, so it is important to choose quality parts that can continue to work for years to come. You can read more about washers and why they are more important than you may think on our blog.

You can count on Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing to reliably meet your needs every time you need washers, shims, or other important parts. We work with all different types of industries and can meet any custom needs and industry standards. Above all else, we are committed to quality and unmatched service to ensure our clients are always satisfied. We offer the best possible value—every time you order.

Whether you are looking for plain washers, spring washers, or locking washers, we can help you create the right connection. With more than 100 years in business, we know what it takes to create lasting washers for your equipment. There are a number of reasons to work with a skilled professional, some of which we will highlight below.

1. Precision Is Key

By working with a specialized manufacturer, you can rest assured that all parts will be created using expert precision and a careful eye for detail. We specialize in washers and shims, which allows us to consistently offer unmatched quality and efficiency. We understand these parts inside and out and can work with you to create standard or custom parts to meet your unique needs.

Along with creating whatever parts you need in a timely manner, our experts also offer unmatched precision and will ensure all parts are created according to your specifications. This also allows us to recreate the same washers or custom parts time and time again. We also use the best state-of-the-art equipment to ensure they complement our top-quality services.

2. Special Services

We specialize in custom orders for washers. Our experts can meet your exact needs of diameter and thickness. You can also choose the right temper and grade to create just the right custom washer. We can also meet your unique specialty needs, so if you need special services, such as plating or heat treating, we are here to help.

Whether you are looking for a small- or medium-sized job or require custom parts, our manufacturing experts can handle your needs. We are very flexible when it comes to any orders, so whether you need 10 washers or a large-scale order, we’ve got you covered. Our experts consistently go above and beyond for our clients to ensure they have the best parts for their needs.

3. Fast Shipping

We take pride in offering the fastest delivery in our industry. We typically ship all orders within two weeks and do our best to produce custom parts in the most timely, cost-effective manner possible. We understand that when you need parts, you need them fast. This is why we have more than 400-million parts ready for same day shipping, which means you can receive them as early as tomorrow.

4. Shorter Lead Times

With shorter lead times, we are able to reduce cost and eliminate waste, while maintaining the high-quality standards that we are known for. This also allows us to serve our clients faster and deliver their parts in a timely fashion, so they can serve their clients better. We can work closely with you to meet your scheduling needs and any changes in your schedule for ongoing orders.

5. Various Materials

It is important that you choose the right type of washer in the correct material for your project. This will ensure that it can work the way you expect it to. We utilize more than 300 different raw materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, copper alloys, high temp and cobalt aircraft-grade alloys, and nonmetallic materials to create the right washers for the job.

Working with a company like Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing allows you to quickly receive parts that are superior in quality. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions or request a quote for more information on why our custom washers can better meet your needs.

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