Different Artwork Applications for Metal Washers


Artwork Applications for Metal Washers

Metal washers are not only used in machinery; they can also be recycled and used in artwork. They can be made of wood, plastic, metal or stone. Their sizes range from small to large and they also come in other shapes besides being round. We’ve found that necklaces and bracelets are a popular way for crafty people to recycle this metal type of washer. They can also be used to make pictures and sculptures.

When round washers are connected in a circular fashion with twine, string, rope, or leather, they can end up looking like flowers or Mickey Mouse. A single washer can be made into a necklace by either stamping them, decorating them, or leaving them plain. Stringing many washers through their center holes make beautiful necklaces. The possibilities are endless.

Washers can be stamped with names, words, and shapes. Layering a small washer on a medium washer that is layered on top of a large washer is a creative way to put a quote together when it is stamped on multiple washers. Using ribbon to loop in and out of multiple washers makes a washer necklace that is both unique and beautiful. Beads of all sizes and charms can be attached to the single or multiple washers to add some bling to the necklaces and bracelets. Washers can be put together in creative ways to make all different types of bracelets as well. Metal washers that are decorated can also be used as earrings.

Decorating the washers can be done by gluing colorful paper to the surface of the washer and coating it with a sealant of some kind. Fingernail polish and glitter can also be applied to create colors, dots, lines, and other art on the washers. Sports ball art can be painted on the washers for those that like sports. Using a single color or multiple colors of embroidery floss to wrap and cover the washers makes for a pretty piece of artwork.

Washers can be glued together on a flat surface to create dragon flies, letters, scissors, flowers, snowmen, or any type of object. Once the glue is dry, the art can be hung on a wall or a flower can be attached to a post and stuck in your yard for a lawn ornament. Abstract art can be created by gluing metal washers to a framed sheet of metal. Making a sculpture out of washers can be done on a form to create a bowl, a vase, or any other type of shape. Hanging multiple washers from a circle of metal can create a wind chime with a beautiful sound.

Painting washers red, white, and blue and arranging them into a flag shape like a star or a heart is another way to create art with metal washers. Painted metal washers can be used to make all kinds of artwork. Walk into any craft store and look around to get inspiration for your next piece of artwork. You are only limited by your imagination. Once your artwork is finished, we suggest taking a picture and posting it on the Internet to help others get creative with metal washers.

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