Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing Awarded by GE for Excellence in On Time Delivery


GE Aviation Excellence in Quality Awarded to Phoenix Specialty

Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing was recently awarded by GE for Excellence in On Time Delivery. Engineers, mechanical engineers, and manufacturers in all different industries count on Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing to supply them with quality precision washers, shims, and stampings, when they need it, where they need it.

In June 2014, GE Aviation invited 165 of its suppliers for its 2014 Supplier Symposium held in Dayton, Ohio. The Symposium brought together GE’s suppliers to emphasize the importance of successfully launching the new engine programs. GE wanted to reemphasize how important it is for the suppliers to deliver quality parts that meet GE’s delivery dates. The company also highlighted the importance of dedicated customer service and providing high quality for the parts needed for both the new engines and current production engines.

During this speech, GE awarded Phoenix Specialty for exceptional on-time performance and dedication to sharing continued success with its clients. The award can be seen below:

Subject: GE Aviation Excellence in Quality Award

June 2014

Phoenix Specialty’s culture of delighting the customer and your exceptional on time performance make you a key GE partner and demonstrate Excellence in On Time Delivery. You have held delinquency at near zero consistently for several years and we appreciate your customer service and attention to detail in Sales, Quality, and Management. Phoenix provides a high level of customer service supporting many GE programs with strong commitment and dedication Deliver to the need date and as committed. Again, you are a strategic key partner in all aspects of our Aviation Business; ensuring Quality 1st-Always, delivering as committed, driving cost productivity and investing in growth to ensure our shared success continues. We appreciate all of your extra efforts and the contributions you make every day to GE.

GE Aviation thanks you for your partnership and congratulates you on your Excellence in On Time Delivery recognition for 2014.


Matt Hoying

Executive Sourcing Leader


About Phoenix Specialty

Phoenix Specialty has provided custom parts for various industries around the world. The company offers the largest selection of special shims and washers in the industry. All items are made in the U.S.A. and the company takes efforts to provide fast, efficient shipment.

The precision washers manufacturer has produced components for the GE jet engines used on Boeing aircraft. Phoenix Specialty offers more than 100,000 different items and 400-million parts to choose from, ensuring that exacting standards of various industries, including aerospace, automotive, electrical, electronic, and other industries, will be met.

The impressive selection of aerospace products and parts at Phoenix Specialty includes washers, shims, and precision stampings. The company also stocks aluminum, carbon steel, copper alloys, and aircraft alloys, like Haynes 188, L605, Inconel 600, 601, 625, 718, Hastelloy X, C275, X-750 Rene-41, Nitonic 60, Elgiloy, Waspaloy, Duplex Stainless 2505 & 2507, 254 SMO and A286 (ranging in thickness and in a full range of cold-reduced and heat-treated tempers).

The manufacturers consistently offer same-day shipping on in-stock orders placed before 2:30 pm every day to ensure GE, and all other clients, have what is needed to create some of the best engines around the world. Phoenix Specialty also works closely with each client to provide the right precision parts to meet exact specifications.

About GE Aviation

GE Aviation is the leading provider of jet and turboprop engines, integrated systems, and services for commercial, military, and general aviation aircraft around the world. The company utilizes innovative techniques and additive manufacturing to help build the future. GE is at the forefront of what is being deemed “The Next Industrial Revolution,” creating better parts without the waste.

The business built America’s first jet engine, the first turbojet engines to power flights at two and three times the speed of sound, and the world’s first high bypass turbofan engine to enter service.

In order to create parts that will help consistently change the world as we know it, GE Aviation partners with some of the best suppliers in the industry. Suppliers are responsible for adhering to the GE Suppliers’ Integrity Guide to ensure high quality. GE requires on-time delivery of parts in order to deliver on commitments the business has made to its customers.

GE has a global influence and is well situated for continued growth in the coming years due to an increase in airline passenger traffic and increasing airline profits. The rising demand for new planes around the world will require an ongoing supply of aircraft materials. On-time delivery and dependable shipments are integral to GE’s ongoing business, which places a larger importance on its suppliers. Phoenix Manufacturing has proven it is up to the task.

To find out more, please visit or contact Phoenix Specialty at 800-845-2813.



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