Bent Tab Washers: Supplying Your Industry-Specific Needs


When it comes to your metal stamping needs and specifically your bent tab washer needs, Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing provides the wide range of products you are looking for, no matter your industry. Washers in general are used to prevent corrosion between aluminum surfaces and steel screws. Bent tab washers are a type of lock washer which is often utilized in super harsh environments, such as extreme heat conditions and heavy vibrations. These types of washer have tabs and notches that securely lock parts into place for a secure fit.

Bent Tab Washers

Bent tab washers are used in many different industries from auto manufacturing to airplane engine production. The name of these washers often varies from industry to industry; some common names you may hear them called include the following:

  • Tab key and notch
  • Tab washers
  • Tab locks
  • French locks

No matter what your particular industry calls them, they are fasteners to be used in a variety of manufacturing situations. For example, in the jet engine manufacturing industry, the tab washers and tab locks are used to mount essential bolts, in the US auto manufacturing industry, french locks often hold exhaust manifolds in place, and much more. All of these specifics are using various washers manufactured by Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing.

Multiple Options

Oftentimes, these tabs are made to order, but more standard sizes and types can be found ready to be purchased. Bent tab washers can be anywhere from .05 inches to 6.000 inches in outside diameter, as well as multiple thickness and inside diameter options as well. Thicknesses range from 0005 inches to .260 inches. We carry bent tab washers in many different materials, with many of them in stock and ready to ship. No matter what type of bent tab washer or washers your specific industry utilizes, we can help fulfill your needs.

A Few Additional Facts

In addition to the wealth of information you have learned while perusing the article, there are a few additional facts associated with bent tab washers, including the following:

  • When utilizing these washers, the tabs are often bent around the hex nut to secure it. It is recommended that these tabs are only bent once as they tend to crystallize if bent a second time.
  • As you can imagine, once the tab is bent and everything is secured into place, it can be difficult to disassemble a bent tab washer. There are special tools available for this action, but you can also use pliers, paint can openers, and flat-head screwdrivers.
  • Older bent tab washers are harder to utilize, so if possible, replace old washers with newer types for easier access.
  • Bent tab washers are not only used by large production facilities, they are often used by individuals who are rebuilding engines, working on ATVs and boats, and performing many other small-scale endeavors.

There are many uses for this seemingly simple production piece. If you would like to learn more about the specific washers produced at Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, please contact us for more information.

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