3 Reasons Why We Are the Best Choice for Unique Designs


Choose Us for Custom Designs

Having the right tools, parts, and know-how are essential for specialized part manufacturing. At Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, we have been making dependable parts for customers for more than a century. When you need a specialty part made for a job that you are doing, consider our company because we have the right tools and expertise to manufacture high-quality parts. NASCAR, the U.S. Olympics, and even the space program have all put their trust in us.

Understanding why you should get your specialty parts from Phoenix Specialty before one of our competitors requires you to first know what makes us different. While there are many companies that claim to be able to make specialty parts, our service to the community since 1907 shows that we have the skills needed to make great parts for affordable prices. There are three main qualities that really make our company stand out from the competition.

Precise Part Manufacturing

Phoenix Specialty can easily make any part you need. The top-of-the-line machine shop has every machine and tool needed to create the custom part you require. Our company uses both human labor and automated services to fabricate the unique parts you need. Washers, stampings, shims, and many more parts can all be made in house.

When you are completing an important job, having the part that is the exact size you need is essential. Phoenix Specialty has taken the time to invest in the milling machines needed to increase the rate at which they can produce the specialty parts. The machines are designed to create the parts to the exact specifications you provide to the company to ensure you have the right-sized part for your job.

Easy Ordering and Timely Shipping

When you need a custom piece made, you will submit your custom computer models for us to review. Then our expert team will evaluate and determine how to proceed in order to produce the exact part you need. We may need to know additional specs about the part that you need. In this case, our team will reach out to you to discuss the exact size of the replacement or original manufacturing part. Finally, you will need to choose the material you want to be used to manufacture your product for you. The material that is used to manufacture your part is important because some materials are designed to be used in one way, but not for another. For example, some types of metal or plastic may not be appropriate for your project. You do not want the part to warp or bend because you did not have it manufactured with the right material. When everything is finalized, the part is ordered and made quickly and easily for you.

When you order a specialty piece from us, it will not take months or years to get the part. We pride ourselves on being able to get the parts to consumers in a timely fashion. Typically, you could have the part you need within a few weeks. Knowing that the part is going to be perfect for the job you need to complete and that it will arrive in as little time as possible ensures that you are able to meet your deadlines with your clients every time.

Huge Inventory

Phoenix Specialty has a large supply of specialty parts in stock to allow you to get the part you need as soon as possible. The specialty parts that do not have to be custom made can be shipped from the facility in as little as one day to allow you to get the part within a few days of ordering it. Phoenix Specialty carries parts for just about every industry you can imagine. We can create parts needed in the agricultural, building, automotive, electrical, and other industries, and we have taken the time to keep both large and small parts in stock at all times to ensure our customers are able to get the quality parts they need without having to wait to get them.

When ordering a pre-made part from us, you do need to know a few things about the part that you need. You need to know the size of the pieces that you want to buy. The thickness of the part is also essential. You do not want to get a washer that is too thick for the job you are attempting to complete. You need to be as exact as possible when ordering the part because we have many parts readily available and finding the right one to suit your needs should be easy. There is a style guide on the website that you can use to help you easily identify the style of part you need if you do not know the technical term for the name of the part.

Phoenix Specialty takes the time to make sure our customers are satisfied with the parts they receive. Being in business for more than a century exhibits that our company cares about the parts we make and take the time to ensure we supply the best products to customers. We are proud to say there are many satisfied customers that come back to us again and again because of our high-quality parts.

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