2 Ways to Streamline Your Custom Parts Inventory



Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing has been serving the needs of the medical, aerospace, agricultural, energy, electronics, and machinery industries, among others, for over 100 years. We provide the high-quality shims, washers, and precision stamps that you need to run a successful business or industry. We have a substantial inventory of these parts on hand and we offer same-day shipping for the parts on hand and when it comes to manufactured parts, specifically ordered for your business, we typically ship these within two weeks.

Streamlining Processes

Now that you know where you can turn for your bent washer tabs, Bellville washers, brass shims, copper shims, or uniquely stamped parts, we’ll share our secrets for streamlining your inventory and manufacturing processes.

Let us set up a scenario for you: Imagine your new intern trips over his untied shoelaces and falls into the wall of shims and washers you have painstakingly set up according to size and type to help facilitate a quick fulfillment. Before you know it, the floor is littered with thousands of these small shims and washers, mixed up and mingling with each other. You could sentence the intern to weeks of tedious measuring, testing, and sorting and hope that your processes don’t suffer from this event, or you could thank your lucky stars that you purchased your parts from us.

Parts Number Stamping

The first way in which we can help streamline your inventory and manufacturing processes is with our featured service of parts number stamping on your shims, washers, or other custom stamped parts. No longer will you be stuck with trying to tell the difference between a .5” and .6” inch diameter washer because the parts-specific number will be printed right there on each one. This innovative service will likely save your intern days of tedious work, not to mention the reduction of error due to human mistakes or misjudgment. We can do parts number stamping on both our standard inventory and any special order you may have.


The second way we can help you streamline your processes is through initial manufacturing-led packaging. If you consistently use parts numbers A-123456, B-7891011, and C-121314 for a specific process, we can package these parts together as we fulfill your order, saving you time after delivery and simplifying your processing and inventory processes. This will also drastically reduce parts-specific error upon manufacturing. We can do this packaging on both our standard inventory and any special order you may have.

We Work for You

As you can see, we are here to work for you. We not only provide standard on-hand washers and shims, but because we also provide specialty precision stamping services, whether you want your parts numbers stamped on your order, specialty packaging, or both. The reason we have been in business for over 100 years is because we strive to provide the parts you need to run a successful business. In addition, we will work to make your inventory run as smoothly as possible, benefitting your overall production rate. Talk to us today to learn more.

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