Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing has been a trusted name for durable washers, shims, and metal stamping for more than 100 years. Our customers love our variety of products that are ready to ship and our ability to carry out precise, custom orders for your most important products.

Throughout the years, we’ve expanded our services, increased our efficiency, and deepened our commitment to quality. We understand the importance of our products and what they mean for your functions, whether you work in automotive, aerospace, or another field.

Our entire executive team down to our line employees are dedicated to offering exceptional customer service. We make ordering simple and our team is knowledgeable about our selection of products. We are ready to answer your questions, help you place your order, and ensure your part needs are met.

We understand that you may have lingering questions about our products, services, and our company in general. We will be happy to answer your questions if you don’t find your desired answer below or if you have further questions. We are located in Bamberg, SC, and serve the entire country. We house millions of pieces in our warehouse that are ready to ship or we can make a custom part to match your exact specifications and deliver the piece in a timely manner.

We are open to answering any questions you have. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable with our processes and gain your confidence in our ability to meet your needs, budget, and time restraints. If you have questions, please take further action to contact us. Simply visit our Request a Quote page and fill out the form. A qualified representative will see your request and get back to you with the information you need.

You have questions, we have answers.

1Do you design or engineer parts?
No, although we work with our customers and provide samples whenever possible.
2Do you have a minimum quantity or order amount?
No, we do not have a minimum order.
3Do you have a standard size listing that can be viewed?
No. Our stock inventory has over 80,000 custom items, but the availability of items changes by the hour. If you’re interested in ordering from our inventory, call us at 844-772-7048, and we’ll be happy to give you the most up-to-date information.
4Do you manufacture Lock Washers?
We do not manufacture hardware store type lock washers. However, there are many other types of washers that are considered locking. Send us your print, and we will determine if it falls within our product market. (You can go to our Order page to see the styles of formed washers we do work with.)
5Do you sell shim stock or material?
Sorry, but we are not a supplier of raw material. We supply specialty components.
6Do you sell to individuals?
No. Our customers are manufacturers in a variety of industries.
7Is there a Tooling Charge?
No. There are no separate tooling charges for our compound tooling.
8What are Belleville Washers?
Belleville Washers are typically used as springs, or to apply a pre-load of flexible quality to a bolted joint or bearing. Belleville Washer or Belleville spring – a disc shaped spring commonly used to apply tension to a bolt (and also in the initiation mechanism of pressure-activated landmines). Some properties of Belleville Washers include: high fatigue life, better space utilization, low creep tendency, high load capacity with a small spring deflection.and possibility for high hysteresis (damping) by stacking several belleville washers on top of each other in the same direction. Most often, you'll find Belleville Washers in applications where you have to connect bare, soft aluminum to aluminum or copper, or where you have conditions of high current loading or cycling. These washers do wonders for accommodating thermal cycling, but they can't eliminate all the problems resulting from poor workmanship. You must prepare the joint properly (as with any connection), but the key is selecting the proper design and size of Belleville Washer for the fasteners and conditions of your application. Phoenix Specialty Mfg Co manufactures Belleville Washers for the following industry segments: Aerospace Agriculture Automotive Building Products Compressors Consumer Goods Belleville Washers Use If need more information on the use Belleville washers please contact Phoenix Specialty at 844.772.7048 Phoenix Specialty Mfg Co. Bamberg, SC has been making Belleville Washers or Belleville Springs for over 100 years. When considering a supplier of Belleville Washers, Phoenix Specialty is your single source for Belleville Washers. If we do not have it in stock from our inventory of over 4 million parts Phoenix Specialty can custom make Belleville Washers to your specification and ship them within 2 weeks of a custom order. Belleville washer
9What are standard tolerances?
We specialize in precision, specialty components manufactured to your requirements and specifications. That includes tolerances. Tell us which tolerances meet your engineering needs, and we’ll manufacture the parts to those tolerances.
10What are your standard lead times?
At Phoenix, we have the shortest lead time in the industry. For a new custom part that is not plated, with no heat treat, we ship within 2 weeks or sooner. Stock items are available for shipment within 24 hours.
11Where are you located?
We are located in Bamberg, SC.