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Phoenix Specialty Mfg. Co. has the largest and most extensive raw materials inventory in the industry – all to support short to medium run orders without any raw material delays.
We keep more than 300 different types of raw material on hand at all times – including many exotic ones – in thousands of thicknesses, widths and tempers.

Please note: Phoenix Specialty Mfg. Co. does not sell material. We supply only the finished part.


We stock aluminum in non-heat treatable grades, including 1100, 3003, and 5052 in tempers from 0 – H38, and heat treatable 6061, 2024, and 7075 in T0 – T6 tempers. Other grades of aluminum are also available.


Carbon Steel

We stock alloy grades from 1008-1095.

The lower grades 1008 - 1020 are for general purpose applications and can be supplied in draw quality through full hard tempers. We can also provide thickness tolerances as tight as +/-0.0005” on special requests.

The medium & higher grades 1025 – 1095 are generally heat treated and used where wear and durability are an issue.

In cases where a good finish and part flatness is a requirement, we stock Blue Tempered, RC45 – 51 and pre-tempered steels.

Many of these materials are also available in perforated or wire mesh. We also stock numerous gauges of 4130 chrome molly, both normalized and annealed.


Copper Alloy

We stock Brass and Copper alloys including 110, ETP, oxygen-free grades 101, 102, and 260 Brass. These grades can be provided in an annealed to spring tempered condition depending upon your requirements. Many of our Copper parts are heat treated to a “dead soft” condition for gasket applications. We also stock phosphorous bronze- 510 and beryllium copper-172.


High Temp and Cobalt Aircraft Grade Alloys

We stock aircraft alloys such as Haynes 188, L605, Inconel 600, 601, 625, 718, Hastelloy X, C275, X-750 Rene-41, Nitonic 60, Elgiloy, Waspaloy, Duplex Stainless 2505 & 2507, 254 SMO and A286. Many of these grades can be provided in thicknesses from 0.001” – 0.250” and in a full range of cold reduced and heat treated tempers. We also stock numerous gauges of Titanium, Nickel and Monel alloys.


Non-Ferrous Material

If you require non-metallic material, we stock plastic’s such as nylon, PTFE, delrin, mylar, nylatron, rulon, phenolic, GEE, GME. Examples of fiber material inventoried are vellumoid, nomex, fish paper, and vulcanized fiber.


Stainless Steel

We stock popular grades of 300 series (austenitic): 301, 302, 304, 304L, 316, 321, 347 and in a wide range of tempers. Our inventory also includes precipitation hardness grades 17-4 and 17-7 as well as magnetic stainless steel 410 – 430 (martensitic). Many of these materials are also available in perforated or wire mesh.