Bronze Gaskets

The Main Benefits and Properties of Bronze Gaskets

Applications of Gaskets

Gaskets (sometimes also called washers) have multiple uses and are named based on how they are made and used. For instance, pipe gaskets are commonly known for their ability to seal gaps in piping fixtures. Moreover, gaskets can be fashioned into any shape (square, notched, open, wave, etc.), which allows them to perform their desired functions. For example, they can be manufactured to detailed specifications that include pivot, spring, conical, and tension conditions. Washers assist in a variety of functions; there are locking washers, sealing washers, flat washers, and finishing washers. The flexibility of function is a positive quality of washers, because some gaskets seal while others provide clamping force to assist in rectifying a design problem. In addition to customizing the shape to achieve certain tasks, clients normally have the liberty to choose among a range of materials including plastics, rubbers, cork, or metal alloys.

Materials of Gaskets

The material selected for a particular gasket will depend on a project’s specific needs. For instance, if a design requires that the individual components be durable, choosing a material with high-yield strength would be the best direction to go. By the same token, if a structure needs to have gaskets placed at various locations where electrical current may be an issue, opting to purchase a gasket that is a good conductor would be most effective. Engineering properties of gaskets play a significant role in how they are chosen, built, and applied. Metal gaskets that can withstand acids well could suit a project more significantly, since they will not exhibit rapid corrosion rates from being in contact with water. In the plumbing and machinery industries, especially, that is a constant and valid concern.

Often, the materials can also determine the strength of the gasket seal. This means that for customers trying to plug in a pipe or lock a mechanism in place, the material chosen for the gasket ought to match their engineering priorities. Fortunately, bronze has excellent material qualities.

Features of Bronze Gaskets

Bronze gaskets are reliable and typically the more sound choice due to their favorable features. For example, bronze is non-magnetic and will not corrode quickly. Thus, rust will not have to be an anticipated problem. Additionally, it consistently demonstrates high-yield strength, so it will not buckle under high pressures and is likely to be robust when inserted into a design with many parts. Those who worry about production time and machining quality should not hesitate to contact us at Phoenix Specialty, because bronze is not difficult for us to customize, while staying within set tolerances. The malleability of this material gives tools a gliding motion during the cutting and milling process. Our machinists can handle it well and if we have your gasket in stock, we will deliver within a two-week range.

Why Bronze Is Better

Applications that require bronze gaskets can be found in the medical, electronics, biking, chemical, turbine, and mining industries. Furthermore, bronze can be mixed with other metals to form more alloys if a material property needs to be manipulated to align with a project need. However, it is crucial to understand what is sacrificed when these forms of features are altered. If a manager in the aircraft industry decides to go with a thinner bronze gasket in order to reduce labor costs or product pricing, then there is the possibility that the piece will undergo more stress and wear. The thickness of these gaskets can range from millimeters to inches and be purchased inexpensively either from our stock inventory or through a custom order. The sizes can be specified to cover clearance holes or ensure the tightening of neighboring parts. Other types of gaskets do not have the capacity to carry as much current as bronze washers. While stainless steel is known to be the stronger metal, it does not perform well in environments that are open to humidity. It is also a popular preference among professionals in the manufacturing industry, because bronze gaskets have longer lifespans and resist wear gracefully. Moreover, they allow their surrounding components to become sturdier and protected—making them less susceptible to wear.

Notes about Bronze Gaskets

  • Price will vary depending on the thickness and height of the gasket
  • Certain alloys of bronze can be difficult to machine
  • Niche applications include government headstones, semiconductors, and marine market