Copper Gaskets

Important Questions and Answers About Copper Gaskets

Every product we provide at Phoenix Specialty is guaranteed to be exactly what you need. You won’t find higher-quality materials and products than what we can offer. We have more than 100 years of experience manufacturing spacers, seals, shims, gaskets, and more. Our experience allows us to identify and select the best possible tools and machines currently available. Our team is made up of experts dedicated to producing the best products around. Our inspection and calibration equipment is second to none. And with one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry, when you order from us, you are certain to get the best products around.

While we provide a wide variety of products to customers in the aerospace, automotive, agricultural, electrical, and consumer goods industries, some of our products are more unique than the rest. Our copper gaskets are some of the most unusual and interesting products we manufacture. Between the diverse uses of gaskets and the unusual properties of copper, understanding what makes the product unique is important. Here are a few of the most common questions we are asked about copper gaskets.

What Is a Gasket?

In order to understand what makes our copper gaskets unique, you first need to understand what a gasket is. A gasket is an object that is designed to seal the junction between two surfaces or objects. Gaskets are most commonly found in engines, making the automotive and aerospace industries the largest consumers of our products.

Gaskets are designed to prevent leaks, corrosion, or contamination in a system where the two objects being joined are not perfectly matched. A gasket will fill irregularities and make the system work as a single piece, even when it is constructed from several different parts or pieces. The exact size, shape, and material a gasket is made from can vary tremendously. Gaskets can be circular pieces of rubber that fit between two pipes or they can be large, elaborately shaped pieces of metal that fit around an engine block.

Why Should I Use Copper Instead of Another Material?

At Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, we have more than 300 materials in stock and ready to be used for any application. With so many materials available, it can be hard to understand why a soft metal like copper would be your first choice. Copper’s unique properties mean it will not work in every situation; while it won’t work everywhere, it can work perfectly in a few unique applications.

Copper is a very soft metal. For most industrial or mechanical requirements, this would be seen as a disadvantage. But as a gasket, copper makes a wonderful choice. Copper’s softness means it can provide a cushion or support between objects or parts in a system better than most other metals. In a system where movement and vibrations are common, copper can reduce the excess movement and stabilize the system as a whole much better than steel, aluminum, carbon, or other common metals would be able to.

What Type of Copper Do You Use?

We understand that our clients all have different needs. Even if our clients all request copper gaskets, the exact type of copper required for the job at hand will vary. Aerospace gaskets will need to perform in vastly different conditions than agricultural gaskets. We provide a wide range of materials for every unique purpose.

We offer a number of grades of copper, alloys including oxygen-free grades 101, 102, 110, and 260 brass. We also work with another processing company to produce annealed copper if you need it.

If you need Phosphorous Bronze, we have a large stock of this durable alloy. Though traditional copper is incredibly soft, this unique bronze alloy is known for extra strength, durability, and toughness.

We also carry beryllium copper. This matchless alloy resists sparking and is nonmagnetic, making it unique among most coppers and bronze alloys. This product is most commonly used in volatile environments like engines, refineries, or other areas rich in explosive gasses.

Will It Take Longer to Manufacture Copper Gaskets?

As with all of our custom products, you can expect to have your order in as little as two to three weeks from the moment you receive your quote. Copper might be a unique material, but our facility is designed to handle any order that comes our way. Please note that you can expect the process to take longer if you need heat treated annealed copper, as we work with another processing company for heat treatments.

Where Are Your Copper Gaskets Used?

As mentioned, our copper gaskets are most commonly used by professionals in the aerospace and automotive industries. However, our copper products can be found in a variety of places including:

  • High-end computers and electronic devices
  • Plumbing and pipes in both residential and commercial environments
  • Common automobiles and race cars
  • A variety of air and spacecraft
  • Electrical plants and power stations
  • Farm equipment and heavy machinery
  • Compressors and generators
  • And many more

Part of Every Day

Whether it’s in the computer you use every day or your favorite NASCAR team, our copper gaskets find homes in the most unusual and extraordinary places. When you need the best copper gaskets available, we can help. If you are interested in ordering, be sure to take a look at our part configurations and request a quote today.