Why Is Aluminum a Great Choice for Washers?


Why Is Aluminum a Great Choice for Industrial Washers?

While we provide a wide range of materials to ensure you can get the exact product you need for your specific project or application, aluminum washers and spacers are among our most popular and commonly requested parts. Why are washers and spacers so popular? And what makes aluminum so unique and useful? To fully understand the significance and uses of both washers and aluminum together, you need to understand their roles individually.


Washers, Spacers, and Shims

It’s important to know the difference between washers, spacers, and shims before you can fully understand aluminum’s usefulness in washers. But in order to know what makes them unique, you need to know what similarities they share. Washers, shims, and spacers are usually circular objects that are designed to fit the gaps between two objects, components, pipes, or surfaces. In general, they prevent leaks and distribute loads to make a system more uniform and complete. There are subtle differences that make them each unique.

Washers: Washers can be flat or curved and do not necessarily need to be round. Washers are primarily designed to evenly distribute a load to prevent cracking, damage, or unequal pressure.

Spacers: Spacers are used primarily to fill gaps and prevent leaks. They can be used in engines and pipes to keep fluids from filling gaps. They can also be used to prevent gasses from escaping as well.

Shims: Shims are a lot like spacers, but are designed to make two objects fit together better (not necessarily to prevent a leak in the system).

Washers are perhaps the most common and widely used of the three products. They are found in everything from home furniture to rockets and racecars. At Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, our washers are used by professionals in aerospace, engineering, agricultural, automotive, and electrical industries, to name just a few.


The Benefits of Aluminum

Aluminum is a great choice for almost any washer. Whether you work for NASA or you are a private farmer trying to update your fleet of farm equipment, aluminum provides enough benefits that any industry or individual can take advantage of it.

To begin with, aluminum is incredibly light compared to most other metals. In applications where weight and strength are important, few metals can match aluminum. In fact, aluminum weighs, on average, three times less than any other comparable metal (without sacrificing strength in the process).

Aluminum is also very, very strong. If you need a metal that can withstand extreme forces and pressure, aluminum is the way to go. Further, it resists compression, shearing, bending, and cracking. Being able to withstand forces in any direction is another reason it is a great choice for washers in every industry. As temperatures fall, aluminum increases in strength, a quality few other metals share.

If you need a washer that resists corrosion, aluminum is the material to use. Where most metals would rust, corrode, or dissolve in corrosive environments, aluminum is protected by a naturally occurring oxide film.

Aluminum is non-magnetic, carries a current, and does not easily spark. Those three extra qualities allow it to be used in electrical applications and aerospace applications where other materials would cause problems.

Why Use Our Washers?

Now you know what washers are used for and why aluminum is a great choice when you need a washer. But why should you use our aluminum washers? When it comes to quality and precision, at Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, our products can’t be beat.

We have been manufacturing quality products for over 100 years. With over a century of experience using the latest technology and machines available, our skilled workers are able to manufacture the best products possible.

When it comes to making aluminum washers, we focus on quality every step of the way. The expert workers in our material department handle more than 1.5 million pounds of raw materials at any given time, much of which is aluminum. As soon as the aluminum is delivered to our facility, we will assess and inspect the materials to ensure your aluminum washers are made from pure, high-quality metal.

Once our materials department approves the aluminum for use, the materials are sent on to the production line where they are machined or stamped into the specific shape of washer you need. Our state-of-the-art press room allows us to produce washers anywhere from .05″ to .6″ in diameter and thicknesses of .0005″ to .26″.

Lastly, aluminum is an incredibly strong, durable, and light material, but just because it is a wonder-metal doesn’t mean you can afford any margin of error in your products. That’s why, after your product is stamped or machined, we use our inspection equipment to ensure your aluminum washers are exactly what you ordered.

Not Just Washers

At Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, aluminum washers are one of our most popular products. However, aluminum is useful in a variety of applications. Whether you need gaskets, stampings, or other unique products, we can process raw aluminum into the end products you need. If you need to place a custom order for aluminum washers or any other product, we can have your order finished and delivered typically within two weeks.

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