Engineering Equipment

Engineering is the application of economic, social, scientific, and practical principles to invent, build, design, maintain, and otherwise improve machines, devices, materials, systems, and processes. Engineering is an important field of work, especially in our company, so we can keep ahead of the design and machining curve.

The engineering department at Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing is small, but powerful. We have a three-person team with a combined work experience of over 80 years. Our engineers use a variety of controls, software, and concepts to effectively install new equipment, as well as enhance our manufacturing processes.

Our engineering equipment includes the following:

  • 3-Inventor Drafting Stations
  • 3-Cad/CAM Esprit 2010 Stations
  • 3-Waterjet Programming Stations
  • 4-AutoCad 2012 Stations

Inventor Drafting Stations

While most nonengineering types wouldn't understand the jargon in the industry, it is important to understand what type of work each station can complete. There are a few inventor drafting programs, such as Autodesk Inventor, developed by Autodesk. It is a 3D mechanical CAD design software that is used to create 3D digital prototypes. These prototypes are then refined and turned into actual products or machines. Two other types of inventor drafting programs are SolidWorks and Solid Edge that work in a like manner to Autodesk, both providing 3D digital prototypes.

Cad/CAM Esprit 2010 Stations

CAD stands for computer-aided drafting, and CAM stands for computer aided manufacturing. Specifically the CAM Esprit uses cloud technology, which makes it more versatile to users. Computer-aided manufacturing programs use computer software to control machine tools as well as other machinery in the manufacturing of workpieces. It takes a large part of the human error out of the machining process. Utilizing computer-aided manufacturing tools, waste and energy consumption are minimized and costs are lowered in the processed.

Waterjet Programming Stations

Waterjet-programmed machines work by cutting with a water jet, which forces a huge volume of abrasive water through a small opening, causing the particles to accelerate, which erodes the material and cuts it in the process. The material that causes the abrasive cutting is usually a garnet which leaves a nicely cut, sandblasted edge, requiring no other finishing process. Another important thing to note is the fact that all of this cutting is usually done under water, which keeps the generated heat at a minimum which helps protect the integrity of some materials.


AutoCad is automated computer-aided design. Just like all of the other products utilized by our engineering team, this software helps design 2D and 3D prototypes to be used by designers and other team members here at Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing to create the products for our customers. No matter which programming software or machine we are using, you can be sure that everything will be high quality and state of the art.

Working Together

At Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, we are proud to say that each of our teams works in sync with each other, so the engineering team, the manufacturing team, and the press room all create a harmonious relationship which benefits each of our customers.