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Since our beginning in 1907, Phoenix Specialty has focused on being consistently innovative in how we make our medical part components. Consistent medical innovation has been our goal at Phoenix Specialty, and it remains a key focus of the company and our employees. Manufacturing is the heart of Phoenix Specialty. We are an internationally recognized, full service original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specializing in medical part manufacturing. From small volume, hand-assembled products to highly automated computer-controlled fabrication, our clients are assured quality, consistency and on-time delivery.

At Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, we put as much thought and care into the creation of washers, shims, and stampings as you do into the creation of medical equipment. Because of this, we create custom pieces that will fit your needs perfectly.

Producing washer, shims, and stampings may seem like a fairly straight forward manufacturing operation, but as we all know, there is no room for error when it comes to the manufacturing of medical part components.

Phoenix Specialty is known throughout the medical part manufacturing industry for our high quality, on-time-delivery and extraordinary customer service. Our commitment to quality and our ISO 9001:2008 certification guarantee that your washers, shims and stampings will be produced to meet your specifications.

At Phoenix Specialty our emphasis on constant improvement and investing in new technologies and innovation is the key to producing quality washers, shims, and stampings. It comes across in our customer satisfaction.

At Phoenix Specialty we believe that hard work is the best way to achieve success—we believe in backing up what we say with what we do. That's why we continuously strive to provide one of the largest and best selections of medical parts and components in the nation.

From quick quotations to on-time delivery, Phoenix Specialty provides our customers with rapid, responsive, and personal service.

Our team of customer service experts is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction. Let us show you how we can accomplish our tasks to fit your timeline, budget, and specifications.

Phoenix Managed Inventory System

When provided with an EAU quantity, we inventory your products in house – ready to ship – so you don’t have to. Our safety stock levels help to avoid unplanned production down time, and if inventory falls below the safety stock level we will automatically replenish it, so your next release is ready to go! By strategically investing in raw materials and finished goods, we are your most reliable supplier for specialty shims, washers, seals, gaskets, and spacers.

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