Custom Shims

Phoenix Specialty is the leading manufacturer of shims in the United States. Whatever specialty shims your project or design calls for, we can produce them to your specific requirements – giving you exact control over the materials, tolerance, quality, quantity, size, and shape.

Where other companies can only manufacture shims down to .010”, we specialize in tolerances .010” and smaller. We can even produce ultra-thin shims at a thickness of .0005”.

We have the capability to produce those very thin and difficult to manufacture shims right here in house – with no tooling charges or hidden fees. We keep an extensive amount of certified raw materials on hand – including many exotic and high temperature alloys – in thousands of thicknesses, widths and tempers.

We specialize in creating custom made shims for every industry, including Aerospace, Automotive, Agriculture, Electric, Medical, and more!

Custom requirements do not mean delayed delivery at Phoenix Specialty. We promise to deliver your shims on time, every time. We offer a Managed Inventory System, meaning your parts are always in stock. We manufacture your parts, keep them on our shelves, and ship them when you need them. We manage your inventory, so you don’t have to.

Types of Shims

*Our manufacturing capabilities are not limited to this list. This is just a sampling of what we can do for our customers.

Other Common Terms for Our Shims

Aircraft Shims, Non Standard Shims, Precision Shims, Special Shims, Specialty Shims, Steel Shims, Ultra Thin Shims, Unique Shims

About Shims

A shim is a thin piece of material, used to fill small gaps or spaces between objects. Shims are typically used in order to support, adjust for better fit, or provide a level surface. Shims may also be used as spacers to fill gaps between parts subject to wear. Many materials make suitable shim stock, or base material, depending on the context: wood, stone, plastic, metal, or even paper (e.g., when used under a table leg to level the table surface). High quality shim stock can be bought commercially, for example as laminated shims, but shims are often created ad hoc from whatever material is immediately available. Laminated shim stock is stacked foil that can be peeled off one layer at a time to adjust the thickness of the shim, currently Phoenix Specialty does not offer Laminated Shims.