Copper Shims

Shims are similar to washers; they are thin strips of material usually used as a spacer between two objects to reduce wear and tear, to align parts, and to make them fit properly. They may be tiny, but shims can make a world of difference in a project. At Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, we specialize in creating custom-made shims for any application.

When you are needing a precision-made shim for your special project, consider a copper shim.

The Benefits of Copper

The history of copper stretches back over 10,000 years, when early civilizations like the Roman Empire used copper in architecture. Today, copper is still widely used in the building and construction industries, and is popular for use in cathedrals, churches, homes, and offices. Designers incorporate copper into roofs, rain gutters, vaults, and much more.

Copper is a great choice for a handful of reasons. It is a ductile metal that is malleable and soft and can therefore easily be formed into any shape, such as a shim. It resists corrosion well, and since it has a high thermal and electrical conductivity, it is perfect for application in operating systems that require an extensive amount of heat dissipation. A copper shim may be just what your project is requiring.

Leaders in Innovation

We specialize in providing custom-made shims, washers, and precision stampings for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) across America. Only the highest quality machinery is used at Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing to produce all of our specialty parts. Our team of technicians are highly trained and incorporate the latest technology and processing practices to create your custom-made copper shims. You know you’ll be getting a perfect copper shim every time you choose Phoenix Specialty.

We have over 100 years’ experience serving industries in the aerospace industry, as well as the agriculture, automotive, electrical, distribution, and other industries. We’ll be sure to provide you with the exact copper shims you need.

The next time you are needing copper shims, choose Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing. You’ll get quality copper shims at a great price, guaranteed. Give us a call to place an order today.