When You Should Order a Custom Shim


Ordering Custom Shims

A shim is an important yet underrated part of any equipment or assembly. For those who do not know, a shim is a piece of material (most often metal) that serves as a spacer. This part fills in a space so other parts do not rub together and so there are not any irregularities in the machine. Some shims will come in standard sizes, but standard sizes will not always do the job for you. You should understand when you need a shim and when you need to order a custom shim made for your particular and unique needs.

When to Get a Shim

There are multiple purposes that shims are supposed to serve. When you notice that you have a problem, think about whether it is a problem that a shim could solve. First, a shim can lower manufacturing time and costs by avoiding the need for each part to be precisely machined, as it takes care of any irregularities. If you have noticed a lot of time and energy being wasted to get parts to fit together perfectly, a shim may be able to save you a lot of time and money.


Second, shims are able to lower wear between parts because it takes up the space between them. This stops those parts from rubbing together. If you find that you have to replace parts in your products or machines often because they are worn from rubbing up against another part, a shim can fill that space and stop this wear from happening so fast. This can also save you a lot of money because you will be replacing parts much less often. Instead, you can simply replace the cheap shim when it gets worn down.

Third, a shim can serve as a leveler and stabilizer. If you notice that something is not level or that it wobbles when it should not, a shim can make a big difference. For example, a table that has a leg too short can be very unpleasant and does not serve its purpose. By putting a shim underneath the short leg, the table can be saved rather than need to be replaced. The same concept applies to any use for leveling and stabilizing with a shim.

When to Order Custom

A shim can come in standard sizes, which we have ready in our inventory for same-day shipping. In some cases, these standard sizes can work for you. However, it cannot be stressed enough how important it is to have a shim of the exact appropriate size. If a standard size does not fit perfectly, then you may need to order a custom shim. We can create a shim for you to your exact specifications and have it shipped to you within two weeks. Because we have over 300 raw metals in our inventory, we can create a shim for you of any type. Your custom shim should fit perfectly, so it will do the best job possible and provide exactly what you need.

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