What Are Metal Washers Used For?


Common Uses of Metal Washers

At Phoenix Specialty, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver quality products to our customers. While we specialize in shims, washers, and metal stamping, we also like to think that we specialize in unique needs which require custom parts. If there is anything we can do to make a product more specific to your needs, we will happily do so. We love to deliver a quality product in record time, and our lead time is the fastest in the industry. When we opened our doors in 1907, we specialized in washers and gaskets, and while our services and abilities have grown some since then, we still like to think that we provide the very best when it comes to our metal washers. The following outlines some of the industries that still heavily rely upon metal washers to manufacture their products.


What Are Metal Washers Used For?

A metal washer is a tiny object, and while the novice may shrug off its usefulness and neglect to use it, professionals know just how important this tiny metal washer can really be. Metal washers provide grip, act as a shim or spacer, allow for better clearance, and help to prevent galvanic corrosion. The following list outlines some of the industries that use metal washers in order to hold together the machines, products, and goods that they create or deliver to the public.

The aerospace industry: The aerospace industry is our primary customer, and we have created products that have been used for the Space Shuttle, the Mars Rover, and the Apollo Moon Landing. We currently create products that are used for the manufacturing of GE engines, which are put into Boeing airplanes. Did you know that over a million fasteners (including washers) are used in the building of an airplane jetliner?

The agriculture industry: A huge aspect of agriculture is the equipment used to plant and harvest crops. Agriculture is now a huge industry, and farmers today are smart businessmen that understand the value of quality equipment that can be relied upon. We are able to offer a huge selection of in-stock products, and are ready to create custom orders designed to fit the needs of agriculture machinery.

The automotive industry: We understand the complexities of the automotive industry, and are well aware of just how much time and effort goes into the design, development, and manufacturing of each vehicle. We work closely with Nascar, and can develop a washer that fits your specific needs.

Compressor manufacturing: Washers are a major part of the manufacturing of compressors, and we are able to create washers that meet the specific needs of this project.

The electronics industry: In our high-tech world, there is still a great demand for the manufacturing industry, even when it comes to electronics. Let us be your supplier when it comes to manufacturing your electronic product. For more information about the industries that rely upon metal washers and that Phoenix Specialty can design for, visit the following link: https://www.phoenixspecialty.com/industries-served.

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