The Benefits of Innovation


At Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, we do more than simply producing parts. We are constantly working on changing our processes to ensure that our products are of the highest quality. With innovative thinkers and the right equipment, we are always improving to better serve our customers. You may wonder how innovative thinking can help improve the quality of the products that you buy from us. Read on to see how it works.

The Red Bead Experiment

Dr. W. Edwards Deming of The Deming Institute has used the Red Bead Experiment to show the problems that result from low quality processes. When a manufacturing process has defects, the products that are created with the process will have defects as well. This becomes an even larger problem when management is not willing to listen to employees and improve the process.


Dr. Deming depicts his theory with a box of 4,000 beads. 800 of the beads are red and 3,200 beads are white. The red beads represent products with defects, while the white beads represent products of a good quality. A paddle with 50 impressions for beads is held by a worker who is using the process provided to him or her by management. The worker sticks the paddle into the box and pulls it back out full of beads. These beads represent the products he has produced. No matter how many times the employee does this, or which employee does this, red beads will always be pulled out of the box along with white beads. This shows that with a defective process, there will always be defective products unless something is changed.

Dr. Deming shows that in order for high quality products to be produced regularly, the process must always be improved. This requires listening to the comments of employees who are involved in the production process and actively working toward changing the process. Doing so will lower the amount of defective products that are created and lead to a predictable high-quality result.

Our Goal

Our goal is to always provide you with the highest quality product that we possibly can. We want to be reliable in giving you parts that you can trust. We use many different materials to create specialty parts for our customers as we meet their unique needs. We prefer to listen to our customers and our employees in order to do the best work we can. This is an investment in the future; though it takes more time and effort, it is worthwhile. Our processes are always improving and innovative. When you combine that with our quality control, you can trust that we are as reliable as possible.

No matter what you are looking for, we can likely manufacture the part that you need. Our experience in producing specialty parts shows that we will provide you with a quality part to your exact specifications. Do not hesitate to call us or get a free quote on our website. You can call if you have any questions about our processes.

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