Tab Washers

When you are searching for high-quality tab washers, look to Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing. We manufacture custom-made tab washers for all industries. We guarantee only the highest-quality product.

All About Tab Washers

Tab washers play an extremely important role in any application. They lock in a predrilled hole or over the edge of an assembly base, and they work to keep both the washer and nut or bolt from rotating. These are especially useful in applications where there is vibration or extreme heat conditions.

Our washers are available in a wide range of materials—over 300 in fact! Whether you need rubber, stainless steel, or bronze, we’ve got you covered. We manufacture your tab washers to meet your exact specifications. We manufacture washers with thicknesses ranging anywhere in size from .0005” all the way to .260”. The outside diameter can measure anywhere from .05” to 6”.

Leaders in Innovation

Technology is always changing and developing, and we seek to keep ahead of the curve. Our highly trained technicians incorporate the latest manufacturing methods and use state-of-the-art equipment. Each tab washer is carefully manufactured with perfection in mind. We can guarantee you’ll love the end result.

A Century of Service

For over 100 years, Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing has been providing America’s original equipment manufacturers with their specialty parts. It takes years of hard work and an unfailing attention to detail to build the trust we have. Our parts can be found across all industries, from the agricultural and aerospace industries, to the electronics industry.

Find out why our customers keep coming back. Give us a call to place your custom order for tab washers today!