Tab Lock Washers

If you are on the hunt for perfect tab lock washers, choose Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing. We provide high-quality custom-made washers available in a wide range of different thicknesses and materials. If it’s fine quality you’re after, we have you covered.

Why Tab Lock Washers?

Tab lock washers are a type of round lock washer that are generally manufactured with tabs or notches that are designed to fit around bolts and nuts or made to lay flat. They work to lock a part in place and are most often used in applications where there are drastic heat conditions or heavy vibrations.

We offer our tab lock washers in a variety of different materials. Whether you need copper for its excellent thermal conductivity or stainless steel for its resistance to corrosion, we have over 300 different raw materials to choose from. We can also manufacture your tab lock washers to any specifications. Our washers can be manufactured with thicknesses ranging in size from .0005” all the way to .260”. They can also be made with outside diameters measuring anywhere from .05” to 6”

All Industries Served

For over 100 years, we have been working with America’s original equipment manufacturers in a wide range of industries. From providing parts for NASA and jet engines used on commercial aircrafts to processing parts for the medical field, we have what you need. Whatever part you require, we can manufacture it for you.

Fastest Delivery Available

When you are working on a special project, it’s important that you get your tab lock washers in a hurry. It can be frustrating to put your project on hold while waiting for parts. That’s why Phoenix Specialty offers same-day shipping for customers participating in our Managed Inventory System. We manufacture in economic quantities based on your annual part usage, inventory your products in house, and ship them when you need them.

Innovative Technology

Only the latest manufacturing methods and processes are used at Phoenix Specialty. Our highly trained technicians utilize top-of-the-line equipment to manufacture your tab lock washers. We understand what customer service means, and we are committed to creating the perfect parts, every time. We guarantee you’ll be pleased with the results.

Give us a call today to place your custom order for tab lock washers!