Steel Flat Washers

A washer is generally used to bear the load of a threaded fastener, such as a nut or screw. Never underestimate the impact a small washer can have on an overall operation. Flat washers, like the ones we offer at Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, are used as a spacer, a wear pad, a spring, or a locking device. They are meant to reduce vibration and limit corrosion from occurring by providing a smooth-bearing surface.

Why Choose Steel

Flat washers are available in a variety of different materials such as steel, aluminum, plastic, brass, and more. A steel flat washer offers many benefits. Depending on what type of application the washer will be used for, steel is good for many reasons.

Steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any other building material, so you know it is extremely durable. It is also an inorganic alloy consisting mostly of iron with a carbon content range between .08% and .13%. One advantage of steel is the fact that you will not have to worry about it splitting, cracking, rotting, warping, or twisting over time. Steel is generally a low-cost material and is 100% recyclable. When you are needing custom-made flat washers, choose steel as your material.

Popular Applications

Steel flat washers are used in a variety of applications. They can be used in the aerospace industry, anywhere from the wing assembly to the landing gear. They can be used in the automobile industry throughout the engine and they can be found in compressors of all kinds. The uses of a flat washer are almost infinite! Whatever your steel flat washer needs, we can supply you with what you need.

The Benefits of Phoenix Specialty

We utilize only the latest technology and processing procedures in the manufacturing of our washers. We use only high-quality materials, and our trained and professional technicians carefully monitor each small piece to ensure a flawless result, every time. We’ll make you the perfect steel flat washer you need to complete your project.

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