Square Washers

Although they can seem like such a little thing, washers can play a significant role in any application. At Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, we manufacture custom washers for any industry—whether it’s aerospace, agriculture, automotive, or more. When you are needing washers for a project, consider using square washers, like the ones we offer.

The Benefits of Square Washers

Washers are typically thin pieces of material with a hole in the middle that are used to distribute the load of a threaded fastener, such as a screw or nut. They can also be used as a wear pad, to reduce vibration, or as a locking device.

Our square washers can be manufactured with outside diameters anywhere from .05″ to 6.” We can even produce thicknesses from .0005″ all the way up to .260.” We have over 300 raw materials in stock, so you can feel confident we’ll design the perfect square washer for you.

One benefit to using square washers is in their durability. In the architecture industry, square washers are often used in constructing buildings, because testing has shown that square washers will function better than a round washer during an earthquake. Round washers tend to fold up and split during an earthquake, especially when the sill plate hole is oversized. Square washers, on the other hand, won’t have this issue.

A History of Excellence

For over 100 years, Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing has been supplying American manufacturers with their custom parts. We’ve been involved with NASA, providing parts for the Apollo Moon landing vehicles, and have also manufactured parts used by NASCAR drivers.

Leaders in Innovation

Technology is always changing. This is why we make sure to change the way we manufacture parts as well. At Phoenix Specialty, we incorporate only the latest technological advances combined with state-of-the-art technology. Our technicians carefully monitor every order, to ensure that your square washers are made to perfection, every time.

To place your custom order for square washers, contact us today.