Shims 101 for Dummies


Shims for Dummies

Shims are a fundamental aspect of many construction and manufacturing projects, but there are still many people who do not know what a shim is, nor its importance with regards to building and manufacturing products. At Phoenix Specialty, we have found that shims are so important that they are one of the major products that we distribute each day. So what is a shim, and why is it so important and fundamental to building and manufacturing? Read on, and you will find out all that you have ever needed to know about shims in the most basic terms.


What Is a Shim?

A shim is a slim material that is made to suit a variety of construction, building, and manufacturing needs. While it is very common in manufacturing and building and can be made of materials ranging from wood to metal, it is also frequently used by novices in an ad hoc sort of way, created from any material that is on hand. Shims serve a variety of basic purposes:

As a spacer: A shim is used when a gap results from inadequate measurements or a lack of the proper materials.

To adjust for a better fit: A shim can be used when a product is too long or short. In manufacturing, a washer can act as a shim when a bolt is too long.

To provide a level surface: A shim can act as a leveler if the project needs some adjustment. A shim for leveling is commonly used in door and window framing.

To reduce wear: The presence of a shim prevents wear between two parts that would otherwise rub together and break down over time.

Who Uses Shims?

Shims are a basic component of many industries, including the construction, automotive, and aerospace industries. In automobile manufacturing, shims are used to provide clearance and reduce wear. In carpentry and construction, a shim may be used to align and level surfaces, and to reconcile gaps in the wood or other material. Shims are even used in the technology world, and serve as a protection and spacer between the CPU and the heat sink in a computer.

What We Can Offer

Here at Phoenix Specialty, we have a large inventory of shims in stock and ready to be shipped out today. To see our selection of shims in stock, click here: If you cannot find what you need from what we have on hand, we would be happy to create a custom order for you. We believe that special orders to not have to necessitate increased wait time, and we guarantee that your order of custom shims will be shipped out in two weeks or less. No one in our industry works as quickly as we do in order to meet you needs. We can create any custom order of shims within the following parameters:

The outside diameter ranges from .040″ to 6″

Parts as thin as .0005″

One of the 300 raw materials we have in stock

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