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Press & Secondary

The Pressroom is where we create the precision, specialty parts our customers need. In the Pressroom we have 14 operators, 3 die assemblers, and one (support) Leadman. We have excess press capacity, so we can quickly respond to customer expedites and “rush” orders – by moving our operators around. Our operators are typically cross trained on multiple presses, and in running multiple types of parts (shims, thick parts, formed parts).

We have standardized our press controls to the maximum extent possible, to make cross training easier on our operators. Phoenix pressroom does utilize an in house designed program (Manufacturing APP) to track setup, production, clock on, die repairs, and job completion. This program ensures we know who ran what press, on what job, with what material, on what work order, and if there were any production problems with the run.

Our presses are continuously monitored through our preventative maintenance program and are scheduled for reconditioning prior to causing production down time.