Exceptional Nonferrous Material

If you are in the market for nonferrous or nonmetal materials, you can be sure that Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing has a wide variety of products available to order, even eligible for same-day shipping, that will meet your specific manufacturing needs. Many industries require nonferrous material to construct parts of their machines and other products. We carry, for example, a wide range of plastics and fibers, like PTFE, delrin, nylon, mylar, nylatron, phenolic, GEE, GM, and rulon. We also have nomex, vellumoid, fishpaper, and vulcanized fiber. Look through our site or contact us via phone or the web to see the specifics of our nonferrous materials and determine whether you need a part that meets these specific qualities.

Creating Your Gasket

If you're working to join two or more mating surfaces that will need to be prevented from leaking while under compression, you will want a trusty gasket to do the job well. Many gaskets need slight yield in order to fill irregularities or imperfections of the mating parts that you wish to seal. Nonferrous gaskets made out of fiber like rubber, silicon, or plastic polymer will often get your sealing jobs done best. You can investigate whether a particular material or manufacturer's product will be suitable for your needs by consulting company-published "hot compression tests," which can tell you about the product’s ability to withstand compressive loading. Check out our selection of plastics and nonferrous materials, such as vellumoid and rubbers, in order to determine which sort of gasket you'll create to fulfill your company's or products' specifications.

Wrappings and Insulating

Coils often need to be wrapped in order to resist heat and mechanical injury. Additionally, many parts will need insulating. One material we stock to rise to meet these situations is fishpaper, or fish paper. It is strong, fibrous, and dielectric, which means that it can be polarized to provide electrical insulation for your car, heavy machinery, or other mechanical product you are creating. You can take a look at our product list for materials that are great for wrapping and insulating, like fishpaper, by navigating through our site.

Many Nonferrous Materials under the Sun

Additionally, we stock a variety of other durable, high-quality materials that are non-metallic. For example, we can distribute nomex, which is famed for being meta-aramid and resistant to flame. If you are working in aerospace or military applications, such a material can be used to resist abrasion, organic solvents, and creep. It is often used by our clients in body armor, sports equipment, and many other diverse fields that require especially tough material qualities. Rulon, in contrast, is a plastic that is especially resistant to friction and deformation, and can be used in many diverse, more mundane applications. Related to rulon are nylon, PTFE, and delrin, which are all polymers and have a variety of extremely handy functions and special qualities. Nylon can be found in items as diverse as shoes or clothing and car parts.

If you require non-metallic material, we stock plastic’s such as nylon, PTFE, delrin, mylar, nylatron, rulon, phenolic, GEE, GME. Examples of fiber material inventoried are vellumoid, nomex, fish paper, and vulcanized fiber.