High-Temp and Cobalt Aircraft-Grade Alloys

We realize that when you have a high-cost, important project, as is common in aerospace, you will need the finest-quality products that perform under specific high-temperature, high-pressure, or other extreme conditions with assurance. We are trusted in the manufacturing special components and maintain inventories of raw material and custom parts in support our aerospace, gas turbine, energy or chemical industry customers. At Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, we are experienced in stamping, machining or fabricating specialty alloys. If you are looking for washers, shim, seals, gaskets or stampings manufactured from high-temp and cobalt aircraft-grade alloys, you have come to the right place.

Haynes and Hastelloys

If you need a corrosion-resistant alloy, or one that is resistant to extremely high temperatures, you might be interested in one of our several Haynes alloys or Hastelloys, which were created by Haynes International. Hastelalloys are prefixes for a number of high-performance or superalloys, which are frequently used in the construction of machines that require being comprised of parts that operate under harsh, high-stress conditions. These alloys are durable and, depending on the specific alloy you're looking at, will have various special qualities like conductivity or resistance to certain environmental factors like friction, heat, or corrosion.

Alloys in these categories Phoenix can offer you include the following:

  • Haynes 188
  • Hastelloy X and C275
  • Haynes 25 (L605)

Inconel Alloys

Some of the Inconel alloys we keep in stock are 600, 601, 625, 718 and X750. These superalloys are austenitic nickel-chromium-based and resistant to oxidation and corrosion, so that your need for materials in extreme environments can be met. Uniquely, when many Inconel alloys are heated, they form a layer of oxide that is passivating and stable. This makes them especially suited to functions in high-temperature situations and in the aeronautics industry—they are aircraft grade and high performance.

Common examples of machines that use Phoenix superalloys, like Inconel, include the following:

  • Water reactors
  • Gas turbines
  • Turbochargers
  • Rotary engines
  • Waste incinerators

Additional Alloys

Phoenix also produces specialty parts from Rene 41, Waspaloy, A-286, 254 SMO, Kovar and Nichrome. Our manufacturing experience includes a wide range of tempering, including cold reduced and heat treated stainless steel alloys.