Copper Alloys

At Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, we know that each client’s manufacturing needs are different and require products with distinct properties. If you're looking to construct aircraft, parts will have significantly different requirements than automobiles or other types of machines. Not only do we have over 100,000 different items and 400-million parts ready to ship the day you need them, we also offer all of these in a range of materials to make them meet your exact specifications. You will want to ensure that the parts you use to construct your machines have the elements you need for a successful project. We can help you find alloys with commonly sought-after properties, such as relevant ductility, malleability, conductivity, tensile strength, and fracture toughness. We offer a wide range of parts in copper alloys to give you the highest-quality finished product.

Annealed and "Dead Soft" Copper

We can provide you with numerous grades of copper alloys, such as oxygen-free grades 101, 102, 110, and 260 Brass. We send these to a separate processing company we work with to be heated to a point that creates "dead soft" or annealed copper. Additionally, they can be spring tempered. In creating annealed copper, it is heated to increase its ductility and the ease with which it can be worked. The internal structure of the copper will be made more stable and relieved of stresses. The coppers will be heated gradually until they are at the critical temperature, and then they’ll be cooled to prepare the metal for stamping or shaping. If you need coppers annealed or in a "dead soft" form so that your projects can be handled more easily with high-quality, stable copper alloys, Phoenix is the right specialty manufacturing company for you.

Phosphorous Bronze

We have an extensive stock of copper with Phosphorous Bronze, or Phos Bronze. This alloy is known for its toughness and strength. It is a good metal to work with if you are concerned with its ability to be cast. We carry springs and bolts in this alloy that are resistant to wear and corrosion. Whether you are building a ship or airplane, parts made out of this alloy can be incredibly effective and last many years without sustaining routine environmental wear. Different grades of Phosphorous Bronze have different levels of electrical conductivity and low thermal conductivity. Give our stock a look to see whether these alloys can meet your needs.

Beryllium Copper

This alloy is known for its nonsparking and nonmagnetic qualities, as well as being able to attain the highest strength of the various copper-based alloys. Beryllium Copper alloys can be used for your aerospace, precision tools, or other product-creation needs. It is ductile and can be easily welded. Perhaps its most useful feature is its resistance to creating sparks, which if you are ordering or creating tools to be used in an environment with explosive gases, such as oil rigs, will be essential.