Carbon Steel

At Phoenix Specialty, carbon steel is just one of the many different material choices we are excited to offer to our customers. Developing carbon steel is done by using carbon as the alloy constituent along with steel. Adding the carbon is what actually makes the steel stronger and harder. For your information, steel that has a carbon content of 2% or more is considered cast iron. The carbon content is what makes our carbon steel washers extremely durable. And that’s also why carbon steel is a great material to use for framing a building or a structure.

Additionally, carbon steel is noncombustible, more resistant to natural disasters due to its strength, and very shock resistive. While carbon steel washers are just a small part of your equipment, durability is still an important quality. With carbon steel, you can actually save money on replacement and repair costs because it outlasts other materials.

Carbon Steel Is Cost-Effective and Environmentally Safe

Carbon steel combines two major advantages in one: cost-effectiveness and environmental safety. Because of its durability, carbon steel materials can withstand more pressure than other materials without having to be as thick. This can save a lot of money in production cost for your company because you need less of the material. Of course, you’ll also save money in the long run because you won’t have to replace or repair carbon steel products as often.

Unlike other materials, steel can be recycled and most of it usually is. While you may not be worried about recycling the carbon steel washers you’re ordering right now, this will certainly be a concern in the future. It’s interesting to note that about 70% of all steel is recycled, whether it’s carbon or stainless steel. This makes steel even more environmentally friendly than glass or paper combined.

We stock alloy grades from 1008-1095.

The lower grades 1008 - 1020 are for general purpose applications and can be supplied in draw quality through full hard tempers. We can also provide thickness tolerances as tight as +/-0.0005” on special requests.

The medium & higher grades 1025 – 1095 are generally heat treated and used where wear and durability are an issue.

In cases where a good finish and part flatness is a requirement, we stock Blue Tempered, RC45 – 51 and pre-tempered steels.

Many of these materials are also available in perforated or wire mesh. We also stock numerous gauges of 4130 chrome molly, both normalized and annealed.