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Material Handling / Processing

At Phoenix, we’re proud to have the largest raw material inventory in our industry—over 1.5 million pounds in 2,300 locations. In addition, all material is certified and traceable; each production lot has a unique tracking number that allows us to comply with DEFARS, REACH, AS9100 and other standards.

In order to manage and control this huge volume of material inventory, we have a dedicated and well-trained workforce. The Material Department team has the responsibility of controlling all material movement from incoming inspection, movement to and from production, and inventory control.

To this end, our material handling and processing equipment includes:

  • 1-24” Yoder Slitting Line W/Over-arm Separator and Hydraulic Push off
  • 1-12” Waterbury-Farrell Slitting Line
  • 1-Lodge & Shipley 10’ x 3/16” Shear
  • 1-Betenbender 10’ x ¼” Shear
  • 1-Rolling Mill-Stanat Model TA 315
  • 14-Forklifts 2,200 to 15,000 pound capacity
  • 2- Uncoilers