Rubber Washers

You may be tempted to forgo using a washer for your next project. After all, it’s such a small part. However, washers play a big role in the overall application. Washers are important for a few reasons. First, they prevent wear and tear between two surfaces by acting as a spacer. Second, they also work to distribute the load of a threaded fastener, such as a screw or nut. When you are needing custom-made washers, look no further than Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing.

We offer a wide range of washers such as flat, Belleville, and locking washers. They are also available in a wide range of materials like rubber, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and much more. Depending on the type of application, a rubber washer may be perfect for your project.

The Advantages of Rubber

Rubber can be found everywhere, from door and window profiles to belts, matting, medical gloves, and even in toy balloons. The automobile industry in particular relies heavily on rubber for tires and tubes, as well as for under-the-hood products. There are many benefits when it comes to rubber.

Rubber washers, like the ones we offer, have great weather-resistant properties, especially our neoprene rubber washers. They are a great choice for water and air line seals, as well as many other applications. And our Buna-N rubber washers offer excellent resistance to petroleum-based fluids, making these perfect for equipment where petroleum-based oils, lubricants, and fuels are present. Rubber is also extremely flexible, and it can be molded into any shape. Another perk is the fact that rubber reduces vibration. Our rubber washers may be the perfect touch for your project.

Quick Delivery Times

When you are working on an important project, it is vital that you have the parts you need quickly. At Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, we have over 400-million parts in stock that are available for immediate shipping. And if you are requiring custom-made rubber washers, we can have your shipment sent to you in 2 weeks or less—the absolute fastest shipping times available in the industry!

At Phoenix Specialty, we are leaders in innovation. We believe in using only the latest trends in technology and utilizing high-quality processing methods to manufacture all of our parts. When you choose to work with us, you know you will be getting the perfect rubber washers—every time.

Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing works with original equipment manufacturers across America, and we’re proud of the high-quality materials we manufacture for our valued clients. When you need specialized rubber washers for your project, give us a call.

Phoenix Specialty has the fastest manufacturing cycle in the United States, allowing your Washers orders to be shipped in two weeks or less.

Phoenix Managed Inventory System

When provided with an EAU quantity, we inventory your products in house – ready to ship – so you don’t have to. Our safety stock levels help to avoid unplanned production down time, and if inventory falls below the safety stock level we will automatically replenish it, so your next release is ready to go! By strategically investing in raw materials and finished goods, we are your most reliable supplier for specialty shims, washers, seals, gaskets, and spacers.

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