Nylon Washers

Washers are used in everyday applications from your refrigerator and stove, to your vehicle, and to the landing gear on a space shuttle. They usually have an outer diameter about twice the width of their inner diameter, and they are typically used to provide a smooth barrier between two surfaces and to distribute the pressure of a threaded fastener like a bolt or screw. Washers play a big role in many operations and should not be overlooked. Our custom-made washers are great for use in many industries, whether it’s the agriculture industry, automobile manufacturing, or aerospace industry.

When you need high-quality washers, choose a nylon washer from Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing.

Why Nylon?

Washers can be manufactured in a variety of different materials such as nylon, stainless steel, plastic, aluminum, brass, and more. Nylon is a synthetic polymer, and depending on the application it will be used for, nylon may be a great option when you are needing a washer for your project.

Nylon has many great properties. One is the fact that it provides excellent abrasion resistance, making it extremely durable. Nylon threads are often used in seatbelts, fishing nets, and parachutes, so you know it is designed for strength. Nylon is also noncorrosive, weather resistant, and resists aging. Since they are nontoxic, a nylon washer is perfect for use in the chemical industry, food processing, oil refineries, and much more.

Fast Delivery Times

Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing has been providing customized parts for over 100 years to original equipment manufacturers throughout the United States. We are proud of our legacy and seek to provide you with the parts you need as quickly as possible. Our inventory consists of over 400-million parts that are available for same-day-shipping. Needing precisely manufactured nylon washers for a project? We’ll have your specialty nylon washers delivered to your doorstep within 2 weeks or less, guaranteed.

We are leading innovators in technology at Phoenix, and use only high-end equipment and the latest in processing technology to provide you with high-quality parts. Our team of technicians carefully monitors your order to make sure your nylon washer is perfect—every time. You can feel confident when you choose to order custom washers through Phoenix Specialty.

When you need custom-made nylon washers, choose Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing. You know you’ll receive quality parts for your project at a great value. Give us a call today to learn more about our nylon washers.

Phoenix Specialty has the fastest manufacturing cycle in the United States, allowing your Washers orders to be shipped in two weeks or less.

Phoenix Managed Inventory System

When provided with an EAU quantity, we inventory your products in house – ready to ship – so you don’t have to. Our safety stock levels help to avoid unplanned production down time, and if inventory falls below the safety stock level we will automatically replenish it, so your next release is ready to go! By strategically investing in raw materials and finished goods, we are your most reliable supplier for specialty shims, washers, seals, gaskets, and spacers.

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