Flat Washers

Failing to use a washer or using one improperly can cause damage as well as possible danger. Imagine what would happen if you left something as small as a washer out when installing a starter motor on your vehicle. Pretty soon the starter motor could be shaking loose and hanging off the engine, ready to wreak havoc in your car! Be sure to get the right washer for all your projects with Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing.

We produce custom-made washers for any kind of industry—whether you are in electrical, agriculture, automobile, or other industries. Depending on the type of application needed, a flat washer, like the ones we offer, may be perfect for your project.

Why Flat Washers

They may seem simple, but a flat washer plays two vital roles. First, they distribute the pressure of a screw or nut evenly, so that they are less likely to loosen, and second, they act as a smooth barrier between steel screws and aluminum surfaces to reduce the wear and tear. They can also be used when the hole is a larger diameter than the fixing nut.

Flat washers are used in many instances—from smaller objects like desks, chairs and computers to larger applications like vehicles, architecture and even spacecrafts. Our flat washers are available in many different sizes and materials, such as nylon, copper, brass, plastic, stainless steel, rubber, and more. Choose high-quality flat washers for any application with Phoenix Specialty.

How We Help

Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing has been working with original equipment manufacturers across America for over 100 years, providing excellent and timely customer service. Our team of highly trained professionals utilizes only the latest technology and processing methods to manufacture all of our flat washers. We carefully monitor each washer to be sure it is made to precision. You’ll be satisfied with the end results.

We understand that you are often working against strict deadlines. Since we have over 400-million parts on hand, we offer same-day shipping, so that you can get the flat washers you are needing in no time. And if you’re requiring custom-made flat washers for your project, we’ll have your order shipped to you within 2 weeks or less—the fastest delivery times available in the industry!

If you need quality, custom-made flat washers, choose Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing. We’ll make you the perfect washer, every time. Give us a call today to place an order!

Phoenix Specialty has the fastest manufacturing cycle in the United States, allowing your Washers orders to be shipped in two weeks or less.

Phoenix Managed Inventory System

When provided with an EAU quantity, we inventory your products in house – ready to ship – so you don’t have to. Our safety stock levels help to avoid unplanned production down time, and if inventory falls below the safety stock level we will automatically replenish it, so your next release is ready to go! By strategically investing in raw materials and finished goods, we are your most reliable supplier for specialty shims, washers, seals, gaskets, and spacers.

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