Brass Washers

They may seem unimportant, but washers are an important part of any project. Not only do they act as a smooth barrier to reduce friction between two surfaces, but washers can also act as a spring, a locking device, and a wear pad. Be sure to choose only high-quality washers, like the ones we offer here at Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, so that your equipment or items will always function smoothly.

We offer a wide range of custom-made washers, such as flat washers, Belleville washers, and locking washers. They come available in brass, stainless steel, nylon, plastic, rubber, and much more. Depending on the type of application it will be used for, a brass washer from Phoenix Specialty may be the way to go for your next project..

Why Use Brass

Brass is an alloy made of copper and zinc, and it is a material that gets used in a wide range of applications. It is popularly used in musical instruments such as the French horn, trumpet, trombone, and tuba, because of its excellent acoustic properties. When it comes to washers, brass is used for its low-friction properties in applications like plumbing and electrical work, gears, bearings, doorknobs, and much more.

Brass may also be an excellent choice because it has a low melting point, making it a relatively easy material to cast. It is highly malleable, meaning it can be formed into any shape and will not break or crack over time. When you need a washer for your special project, brass may be the perfect material for you.

Quality Service

At Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing, we pride ourselves in delivering quality service. We work with original equipment manufacturers across the United States, and our valued clients are our highest priority. We take special care, utilizing state-of-the-art processing equipment and incorporating only the latest in technology to manufacture your custom-made brass washers. You’ll love the finished product.

Since you are often working on tight deadlines, we get you the parts you need when you need them. We have an extensive inventory of brass washers that are available for immediate shipping. And if you are requiring custom-made brass washers for your project, we can usually have them delivered in 2 weeks or less. We guarantee the fastest shipping times available in our industry!

When you are needing high-quality, precision brass washers, choose Phoenix Specialty Manufacturing. Don’t wait. Give us a call today to place an order.

Phoenix Specialty has the fastest manufacturing cycle in the United States, allowing your Washers orders to be shipped in two weeks or less.

Phoenix Managed Inventory System

When provided with an EAU quantity, we inventory your products in house – ready to ship – so you don’t have to. Our safety stock levels help to avoid unplanned production down time, and if inventory falls below the safety stock level we will automatically replenish it, so your next release is ready to go! By strategically investing in raw materials and finished goods, we are your most reliable supplier for specialty shims, washers, seals, gaskets, and spacers.

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